This pastr week I was on spring break & had the chance to run calls with my volunteer fire station. We had several calls on one day. The first was a structure fire at 0500 in the morning. It was a perfect scene when it came to interstaion cooperation and communication. The problem was the county sheriffs deputies passing several engines on their way to the scene and running a few responders in their POVs off the road. Later that day around 10 pm we had a drunk hit a power pole. We were toned out and when I arrived on scene a deputy almost hit my vehicle & he had run a fellow responder off the narrow road. Then the deputy jumped through live wires & pulled the victim out of the vehicle. Do any of yall have this kind of problem with the law enforcement officers in your areas? Are they cooperative or are they like the ones in mine?

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By the way; the firefighter was awarded $18,000 to boot.
Good guys win again.
Cops who arrest firefighters at the scene of an emergency should be required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
I've only ever heard of this one incident... and it was apparently a personal hatred toward eachother that sparked the arrest... not the fact that every cop thinks ff's are "evil".... there are bad eggs in every profession.

Overall the cops and ff's get along well down here minus a few bad apples on both ends. You won't see one runnin code faster than to a call for one of their own or one of the other guys down..... which is how it should be.

It irks me when folk on one side call the others "bad guys" or "the dark side"

both ends are in the same business of saving lives and making the place safer...... everyone just needs to learn to play nice....
We have an excelent relationship with our police. They help us out with medical calls (getting the cot, CPR if necassary) we did have one police officer get a little over zealous once at a house fire he decided he was goinig to kick open the front door. Well he had horrible timing because he kicked that door open at the same time the fire flashed over. He was ok but it knocked him on his ass and scared the crap out of him.
sometimes cops just get in the way... they are just good for crowd control....... at times they are good for clearning a sceene when the scene needs to be secure for a domestic or assault, but sometimes they'll miss a weapon or something and we'll end up being the one to spot it.... but hey.... God made firefighters so Cops can have Heros too... and you know they all wanna be like us so they try and act like firefighters :)

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