This pastr week I was on spring break & had the chance to run calls with my volunteer fire station. We had several calls on one day. The first was a structure fire at 0500 in the morning. It was a perfect scene when it came to interstaion cooperation and communication. The problem was the county sheriffs deputies passing several engines on their way to the scene and running a few responders in their POVs off the road. Later that day around 10 pm we had a drunk hit a power pole. We were toned out and when I arrived on scene a deputy almost hit my vehicle & he had run a fellow responder off the narrow road. Then the deputy jumped through live wires & pulled the victim out of the vehicle. Do any of yall have this kind of problem with the law enforcement officers in your areas? Are they cooperative or are they like the ones in mine?

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We run calls in our POV's sometimes, it all depends where you are from the station. But doing so DOESN'T give you the right to run people off the road. You still can be held to the law whether you have lights on or not. Sometimes "everyone" who is responding to a call can get "tunnel" vision in their response to the call. We are all taught the laws and know the risks that are involved. Acting in an unsafe manner will only cause more problems-no matter who you are. Being apart of the Police/Fire/EMT DOES NOT give you a reason to act in such a manner.
I was taught, as I'm sure most if not all of you were-that it's -------
and so on... I can't help but think what this "cop" would have done if this hadn't turn out well when he did these things...????? Makes you stop and think-doesn't it???
There's a great set of videos on YouTube about cops and firemen. Go to YouTube and search "Fireman vs. Policeman" and then laugh your ass off!!!

BTW - there's (I think) 6 of them...Do yourselves a favor and start at 1 so you can follow along.

You're welcome!
Here where I live we have a good working relationship with most all of the police. As with any group you have some that are a problem but we work around the few that want to cause problems. Most of the officers whether they are city, county or troopers WANT us to be the ones getting in the mvc, going into the burning houses, etc. When we have a problem on scene we talk to them or ask them to take care of any problems. We ask to shut a road down they normally ask how much for how long. But they also know we wont be out there any longer than needed. The BS sessions will be held at the station after the call is long over.
We usually have a good repetoir with them...but just as someone said, you can always tell if you wanna be at the hazmat scene...your to close if you see the dead grey canaries
Excatly mike.....except out here they wear brown we have Brown Canaries....I work with the deputys everyday outside of the Fire Dept. Sometime them going to scenes first is a good thing.....let them go in first....if it's a hazmat situation they can tell you and then you can be prepared. but as far as them running POV's off the road....i doubt they are doing that......sounds like someone don't like cops :) But if they are...I think your chief needs to go have a talk with the Sheriff.
sounds like you have some real dicks there. I have been in the fire service for 15yrs. and where I live, we only have some new Highway Patrol Officers just from The Academy trying to make a name. They have not had that problem where I have seen that kind of stuff. I would say something to there supervisor if I did. Sounds like they do not have any training,And they are just plain dicks. I know 90% of the deputy's in my county and they are not like that. Anyway, Yes , I have heard of that with next county over. Them guys over there think there stuff don't stink. They had a Chase that ended up in our county and I responded and every deputy except the deputy that had to shoot the suspect was just plain asses. And I know the Sherriff of that county. Anyway, You are not alone.
All in all in our area, there seems to be a professional courtesey among law enforcement and fire. I think we are pretty lucky, considering some of the posts! I have had only one issue as an IC with a Sheriff, who had a tow truck operator hook up to a vehicle in a 2 car MVA and remove it,,,prior to our EMS being able to do a workup on the patients. Granted,,, they were walking around,,,they were out of the car, appeard fine and finally signed off. This time, it all worked out just fine. GOD FORBID that status changed as we evaluated the patients and we needed the vehile to remain untouched and in place for whatever reason. Needless to say,,,we have made sure that it wont happen again.
Franks, Were on the same dept...... Don't tell me your fellow coworkers don't try and be the first to the scene...... I admit I don't recall them running a POV off the road. But they do like to be the first on scene. Which is fine by me in the case of HAZMAT or EXPLOSIVES. Let the brown canaries go first!!!!!But.... They do like to be first on scene... Which is better than 601 being there!!!! LOL
Franks, Don't tell me that you're coworkers the "BROWN CANARIES" don't like to be the first on scene!!!!! I admit, I can't ever remember any of them running a POV off the road. And in a HAZMAT/EXPLOSIVE situation...... Let them be first!!!!!!! But you can't look me in the eyes and tell me that theY don't get the same adrenaline kick that you or me get from bein "FIRST ON SCENEN"
MY Favorite is when they get to a fire and kick the door in for you and go up and tell you they did it like you owe them something
our dept has a good working relationship with the local sheriffs office and state police. in fact one of the county officers is on our dept. the only problem we have is sometimes when our guys r BUSY at a mva they still want us to do traffic control. if we have enough free hands on scene we do it, no problem. we had a structure fire jan 31 and the cops jumped right in helping change air bottles. they can be a big help. they usually stand back and let us do our thing and we let them in on what we are doing and teach them a few things sometimes.

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