I am wondering what everyone's take is regarding sending a squad or other type of apparatus  to a call with an aed to assist the ems crew.

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Every EMS crew will have a cardiac monitor, so they have defib capability, but I agree that there should be an AED on first responders' rescue apparatus also.
To what type of situation are you referring to?

If there is an EMS crew, chances are high that they already have an AED, or quick access to one. If sending another rig to the call, it should be for something more than just an AED. The AED is just another tool and isn't going to help if the person isn't in a shockable rhythm. Send me a rig for either manpower, an increase of a skill level (IE paramedic for a basic) or a rig because of special circumstances. I don't need more people standing around thinking they are part of a solution just because they have an AED, I want someone who is at the same skill level if they are being sent to help.
the reason i started this was to get insight because in the one area where my parents live they send a squad,utility truck or whatever u want to call them to respond with ems.and most of the times the guys that they send are only cpr/aed trained.I am in no way trying to bash anyone I just think that having a rig out of a station to assist ems that is not for lifting or anything like that can be harmful in case another call comes in.it ties that rig up.
Do you know if this area is covered by a private EMS for transport, another dept for EMS, or does the said dept also handle EMS?

Either way, sending a fire type of rig for an EMS response can be to get someone there first at least in a first responder catagory. There is still some first aid etc which can be done. If the EMS crew is requesting for assistance, then there is a reason for it.

Stuff like this happens all the time for us, we routinely send a fire rig along with an ambulance for many calls. Usually a higher priority call generates such a response, like difficulty breathing, and many times it isn't what we were called for. If the ambulance crew feels they can handle it, then they send the pump or ladder away. If another call does come in like a fire call etc and the EMS crew can handle things, they can release the fire rig, if not, then there is a reason for the crew there.

If you are talking about CPR/AED first responders coming in to help an EMS crew, it is up to that crew if they need the help or not. If the EMS crew is requesting help, then there is a reason for asking and it shouldn't matter if another call comes in.....most folks have a radio/pager....if such a call comes in, it may be possible to break away.
the ems service is career guys.and the way they dispatch the aed from the fire dept is for trouble breathing difficulty ,and and issues that may led to cardaic arrest or an unresponsive patient.
What you are refering to is called a medic stand by were I work. Most other major juristictions do it they will send a company out on any medical call that is chest pains, trouble breathing, shootings or any other call were the medic is coming from further away....... Now dont get me wrong I have missed many a fire due to sitting on a medic run or baby sitting some drunk for 50+ min while waiting on a medic but that is just part of the job.
the ems service is career guys.and the way they dispatch the aed from the fire dept is for trouble breathing difficulty ,and and issues that may led to cardaic arrest or an unresponsive patient.

So essentially they are dispatching someone closer to at least intervene while awaiting EMS, or EMS is asking for a response for what ever reason. Seems pretty legit to me, why question it?
the reason i wanted to seek others insight is because i think that he got the aed for the wrong reasons but it does do good within that department.i thank everyone for there responses to my post
We run a squad or engine on EMS calls..All FF are EMTs and some are Paramedics. We run at least 1 medic on the squads, we have Paramedics on some of our engines so they carry ALS equepment. All other apperatus carries..EMS bags with AEDs. The Fire Dept hires civilian Paramedics to man the transporting ambulances.
If they are going to carry an AED they should be at least a First Responder..EMT would be better.
The Fire Dept hires civilian Paramedics to man the transporting ambulances.

So in Indy, are these private companies to do transport or are these ambulances provided by the city and staffed with civilian medics?

We carry an AED on every truck. The main reason being that we normaly beat EMS to any medical call by 2-10 minutes on average.
There should be an AED in every emergency vehicle and BLS ambulance. Even if that particular emergency service does not respond to medical emergencies. Also all members of police or fire departments should be trained to the EMR level. This traing and equipment could possibly save lives in the end result.
As to sending an apparatus to an EMS run, its a great idea. I find some departments will send a utility type vehicle equiped with BLS or ALS gear witha crew of 2 or 3 first due to medical with an engine covering second due. On EMS runs you never know how many responders you will need. But there is a point where there is too many responders on a scene.

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