How large a area is your response zone? My township covers 78 sq. miles with amost 200 miles of roads. We have four fire stations that we respond with plus we cover for township next to us when they can't get out. but we only have approx 4,000 full time residents with three private communties and a ski mountain. We have two stations with a ambulance asign to each., but we only run one two person crew(paid) from 6am-6pm. with the rest of the time covered by volunteers.

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Our all-volunteer department covers about 36 square miles and 2,000 people. We have two fire stations, one is the main and the other basically a heated garage for two trucks. We also run automatic mutual aid with the departments east and west of us, for structure fire and haz mat type incidents.

We have no schools, shopping centers, apartment complexes or anything in the district, although there is a large ski area immediately south of the town border that we occasionally get called to.
We cover 5000 square miles including 6 fire districts, 65 miles of Amtrak line, half of a national park, and a secondary airport. There are approximatly 15,000 people in our area in the winter and up to 45,000 in the summer. We average about 1500 calls a year with 3 ambulances in one station staffed 24 hours with a paid EMT and Paramedic, with call in crews for transports and second out calls.
We're spoiled. First due area of about 3 square miles, pop. 17K, inner suburbs of Washington D.C. -- and there's a hospital with a 28-bed ER right in the middle of our first due, another adult/peds ER 10-15 miuntes away (driving routine) and definitive adult/peds trauma centers 15 minutes away in emergency mode. We're a BLS station, but there are three ALS transport units and an ALS engine company within two miles. And a state-funded medevac helicopter based about 15 miles away.

The downside is, we don't get to do a lot of real EMT-ing. Repeat vitals every 15 minutes? We're usually giving report to the ER within 15 minutes. Contractions 10 minutes apart? I might have to just take your word for it. If the patient lives within a few blocks of the hospital, as thousands do, we might not even get a complete history by the time we're rolling in the ER door.
Your response area is small!! Hanford Fire responses to 560 sq miles, with 4 stations. We are responsible for at least 500 miles of roadways and a population that runs from 2000 to 30,000 M-F. We run Medics, Emts engines, structure (industrial), structure (mutual aid residential), wildland, water rescue, high and low angle, trench, building collapse, Type IV & III Incident Command, and hazmat. About 2000 runs per year. We also have industrial of major large sizes with both radiological and chemical issues plus we have a working nuclear power generating plant. We stay fairly busy. Zimm
We have an all volunteer department, we cover 39 square miles and have 616 residents. We provide mutal aid to 3 other towns. We have three trucks, including a brand new tanker and CAFS truck. There is 23 of us on the deartment and we average 25 calls a year. Our territory is mostly farm land, although we have a school and a retirement complex. There is no hydrants in our area, so the new tanker is great. Our old 5 ton army truck wasn't cutting it anymore. We have no ambulance service, that is handled by a contracted service. We do usually have our first responders roll to EMS calls, mostly because of the amount of time that it takes for the EMTs to arrive. There is two hospitals, one north and one south, the travel time to both is 25 minutes at normal speed.
where i live in eddy county new mexico the two cities in the county do all the trasporting for ems we reasponed but cant transport carlsbad the city that i live outside of goes from 15 miles north of it to half way to el paso which 90 miles from carlsbad and their are 4 stations. it is crazy. because their is noting out there
Besides the fact that we have 78 sq. miles to cover, I forgot to mention we only have one main road that goes thru the township and that's divided by a river so when we have floods(one or two times a year) we can not get to the other side of our township without going around about twenty five miles to come back to the township. And from the lower part of the township to the other it's up hill for about 15 miles, you know what that's like in the winter. We must have the market on Lama's in the township because everytime I look I see a fuzzy face looking back at me. Not to mention our attack turkeys!!!!
Our district is 7.5 square miles with 40,000 full time residents. We have a 19 story hospital, the county correctional facility, 6 schools, and hundreds of commercial/taxpayer structures. Last year we had over 1300 calls. Our department is 100% volunteer, we provide ALS EMS transports. We have 4 engine companies, 2 truck companies, 1 rescue company with 2 ALS ambulances. (1 of the engine companies also runs an ALS ambulance).Visit us at Stay safe out there!!
We cover 20 sq miles, 86,000 people, residential, commercial, industrial, thruway and Niagara River. We run ALS fly cars. Primary veh with2 medics and many day and afternoon shifts a second veh with 1 or 2 medics. All veh have 2 sets of equipment to allow splitting of crew. We have a contract with pvt ambulance service for transport and ALS backup. Last year ran 6,500 calls
all Volunteer....lets see....we go about 12 miles in one direction.....about 15 in another......maybe 10 in another ...and the fun one....about 20 in the last....our department is about members strong and we are rural....very rural so water is a premium for us...we respond with 9000 plus gallons when we go out the station 2 with a 1500 gpm pump and the other set up for foamor water with a 2000gpm pump...2 tankers and 2 rescue trucks
Our first-due district was about a mile across. After the deactivation of one of the bordering engines, our longest run was 1.6 miles. (And it seemed like we went to that box all the time)

Most of our runs were only a minute or two.

We did about 3500 runs a year.

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