Our volunteer dept. is trying to change our By-Laws and Policies. Right now our dept. has elections every year for every position. They want to change them to: Line Officers get re-elected in the even years (ex: 2008) and Adminstration to get re-elected in the odd years (ex: 2009). Does any other dept. do this? Do you find this better or worse than elections every year? Do you find yourself "stuck" with bad Line Officers and Administrators for two years? How hard does your dept. make it to remove the people that are not doing their duties? It it easier for the Officers and Administrators to do their job better? Knowing that they have two years to accomplish everything. Any postives? Any negatives?

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Changing officers every year is the normal practice in our county, although there is at least one department I know of where line officers serve for two year terms.

Advantages of two year terms: a more stable command structure, and gives a chief more time to work in his/her own little changes. Sometimes a year isn't enough to get projects planned and implemented.

One disadvantage is, of course getting stuck with bad apples.

It's really hard for anyone to be removed from office anywhere unless you have some basic things in place:

- Detailed job descriptions for each position, and a list of goals or expectations from each office.

- Clearly documented objective evidence that the officer is not performing within the guidelines or expectations of the position;

- A written process by which people can be removed from office or at least disciplined.

If your department hasn't done so already it would be very prudent to retain an attorney to make sure all of the potential legal issues (such as discipline, suspension, termination) are in fact legal and well documented.
At Janvier we do elections for President, Assit. President, Trustee, Cheif ect. every 2 years. I was wondering this why but the guys really made sense when they told me.

A year is rushed and everyone wants to get everything done and eventually nothing gets done. If you put these people in office for 2 years every time, more things get finished, and actions tend to get moving. Im the trustee at my company and im actually getting too much done lol, ive been in office since the beginning of 2008 and ive made a motion and designs for a new station we are going to add onto our current station, which im trying to stop now lol. New equipment and gear. And make sure everyone knows what each position is. Ive been asking what a trustee does in the company and ive been told its just a title.

Point is, you put people in office for a longer time line than 1 year, that gives your officers a longer time line to work and get things finished so that time frame is extended for more actions to be filled. Hope i was able to help! and hope your company find something that works for you because what Janvier does might not be the best for you guys. Take care
Thanks guys.

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