OK Folks here is my meager contribution. I will make rule number 1. Everyone else read that rule and if they have something other than what is already posted then use the next consecutive number to add their rule. NO REPEATS. I don't want to read the same rule 20 times in the discussion. So... without further adieu...

1. NEVER move the apparatus until all occupants are seated and wearing seat belts. The fire will not leave because you waited the extra minute.

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Arrive alive! This means adhearing to your departments protocals for emergency vehicle driving. Lights and sirens don't give you the right to blow through stop signs or red lights. You aren't any help to anyone if you don't get there. Excessive speed kills. Firemen aren't exempt from the laws of physics!
15 Don't be complacent when throwing ladders. Throw ladders to all sides if possible, and clear the windows (if it won't mess up ventilation). A FF in trouble will thank you later for helping to save his a**.
Bumping this up one time to see if we would call this comprehensive.
SAFTY FIRST From the time the tone drops until your back home. everytime
17. Train as you fight fires and you will fight fires as you are trained. In other words, learn it right the first time and you will always do it the right way. Strive for excellence and stay safe
In other words.... Train like you fight or DIE like you train!!!!
18. Look. Listen. Read. Watch. On and off the fireground.
The old saying "Risk little to save little, risk a lot to save a lot, risk nothing to save nothing" still holds true. Stay Safe
Try before you pry and work smarter not harder!!!
Always watch for Fire above bellow and behind.
Nothing kills more firefighters then inexperienced, unifromed , and untrained officers!
AMEN!!! Wish everyone would follow this rule of thumb!!!
Like your first line, but your second line is a little off. I am sure you have looked at the progression of LODD's and have seen that Cardiac issues leads the pack year in and year out as the top killer of our nations bravest.
Actual fire incidents (with the exception of 9-11) where a floor collapses, firefighters get disoriented etc lead to less deaths per year than traffic incidents. (see also seatbelt pledge...)
Untrained officers are a liabilty I agree, but thats a deeper rooted problem with individual departments. If the fire department had a good set of guidelines and bylaws, untrained personnel wouldn't be allowed to become officers.


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