I know I am a sub-rookie and all, but I have a major problem with firefighters carrying all kinds of garbage on their helmet bands. I recently saw a new minted LT who had every inch of his helmet band covered with crap, including a pair of trauma sheers with plastic handles. The last time I looked at my trauma sheers, the had a handle that could only withstand autoclave temps up to 280 degrees. It seems to be a sign of expertise to carry all that s*** on your helmet. Thoughts?

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I am curious; as a "sub rookie", why do you have a "major problem" with this?

I've seen quite a few with items I personally wouldn't carry, but am still looking out for the next good idea that could come in handy up there. Personally sheers would not be something I'd keep up there.
We're a little limited in number of pockets, mostly two coat pockets, so what you carry in your pockets or on you is what you get.
I like to stay streamlined in profile to minimize any snag hazards. Right now on my helmet I have a Garrity flashlight, two chocks (kept more towards the back and reachable with either left or right hand) and about 4-5 nails (more on the sides and reachable with L or R hand).
Everything else is in the two pockets.
First off...I never said I told him what to carry on his helmet. If he wants to carry all kinds of crap that belongs in pockets, thats fine. My problem with it is, that if he gets hung up or loses his helmet because he has everything but pink fuzzy dice and an air freshener in the shape of a pine tree hanging off it, and I happen to be working with him, he endangers me, too. We just last week watched a video of a firefighter during a live burn that went in, tried to scoot under something and got caught up on the garbage on his helmet band. As an EMT, EMS gear goes in the MVA street pack in my bunker pants pocket and not on my helmet. Also, I carry a small bag (much like an SCBA mask bag) on the hook with my helmet in the truck that has extra gear in it. Im not hauling around extrication gloves if we arent extricating or EMS tools if its aint a medical call.

As for getting rid of SCBA because they cause hangups, thats apples and oranges. You need SCBA and its required. Carrying a pair of sheers on an offensive is just pure whackerdom and I dont have to be a chief or a veteran firefighter to have enough common sense to know that. What's he gonna do with them in there? Is he gonna take off his gloves to use them? NOT! Also, if I carry shears in my pocket and they melt, i have some protection, if they melt on my helmet band and start running down the side of my helmet and hood, or down my collar...well its a pretty stupid way to get hurt, along with the aforementioned hang ups.

I understand blocks and useful equipment, but this guy just seems to be carrying stuff to be carrying it on his helmet. The helmet is not a load bearing device, unlike pockets. It is meant for one thing and one thing only. Course this is also the guy who wont wear his ear covers either, so...
Which is also why even when my rookie yellow bonnet goes away in a year, Im not wearing an eagle. I'll admit, they look great, but they are just one more thing to get caught up. Im all about low profile helmets.
Why was this forum even posted? Was it just to b!tch about what people have on there helmets, or what type of helmets people like to wear? I wear a low profile serated blade, folding knife on my helmet incase I get tangled up in something. Plus my helmet is a cairns 1010. Does that mean I'm a WHACKER too? If I am, proud to be one. I think it's alot easier to get something off your helmet if it's hung up than it is if something hangs up on your SCBA, rope bag, truckie belt, etc. Not that these are not essential equipment. My point is people have had different expierences and thats probably the cause for them to wear "crap" on there helmets. If they want to wear those things then let them. Seeing how your so upset about it write a letter to OSHA and FEMA demanding them to ban the "crap" wearing. Last time I knew this was flipping America for crying out loud. Be done with it already.
Hi...First off....its his helmet and not yours..."rookie" 2nd thing...if it makes him feel good or safer then ...who are you to question him...? I carry my stuff in my bunker pockets....and I carry what I may need...I have 30 feet of life rated webbing, a knife, a multi-tool, a handful of nails...(yes works well as quick disposable door wedges) a flashlight and a pair of cutters....Now don't you tell me I can't carry it ......get back with me in 10-15 years and tell me what you carry....you will be amazed at what you go looking for and end up carrying it in the future....LOL.......Paul
Thinking about this further, the practice of stashing door chocks in a helmet band probably evolved because the early bunker pants did not have any pockets. There were the two standard coat pockets and when you had the SCBA on forget about getting anything out of them.

A pretty innovative way to carry tools if you use them often. I just know that if I tried to do this I'd either lose the stuff or hurt myself getting hung up in wires, chandeliers, etc - "A man's got to know his limitations."
I don't even use a helmet light. In the event you get trapped inside it just makes more to get out. In our firefighter survival class we were taught less is sometimes better. there are other places to carry tools that will serve you well.
As another pointed out, what is the melting point of aluminum? How about that rubber band/inner tube? Don’t’ you think that would fail first under fire conditions? Snagging and knocking off your helmet? That’s funny, my came with a chin strap

Pockets are great…. Are they under the Scott straps? If so what good are they?

A hands free helmet light is a must! Nails, wood chocks are nice. Shears and what ever you feel are needed to get it done are up to you based on your needs and call volume. A hands free knife hanging on the outside of your turnout coat, not under the Scott straps is another must for firefighter survival.

Do you need a rubber smurf of toy fire truck? What ever works for you under your department’s guidelines……
Easy now fellow firefighters,seems to be getting a little heated here!
I think personal preference is a must, I know I have had problems at times removing items from my bunker pockets with a gloved hand, while wearing an S.C.B.A., I do not wear anything on my helmet, but am seriously considering door wedges and a small flashlight.

Once again, I believe, carry what you will need, in a spot where you believe it will be the easiest to access.

You'll never know until your trapped one time (hopfully it won't happen) and the "garbage" on their helmet just might save your behind

In few years I've been on the job (32+) I've never been held up by my Helmet Garbage, I've been held up by my Air-Pak And turnout pockets but I don't think I'd do without those.I also have a few stickers given to me by family for good luck. My "helmet garbage" is held by a rubber band A pair of shears ,2wedges, and a light, As for the handle melting off so what buy a new pair they are cheap but when you need them fast you know where to get them and if you are holding traction at an MVA someone else can grab them also. And in an emergency the "garbage" comes off fairly easy. Maybe with a little experience you will feel different, Or not

Stay safe and take care Casper 00

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