im taken a poll wether pierce trucks or seagraves trucks are better so let me no what you think

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No matter what you do every manufacturer is going to have their problems and lets face it shit does happen, it's part of why we are in business as firefighters. My company runs all Pierces now, one of which is more than 25 years old. It still see's front line service as part of the foam task force, and first due on occasion when we send one of the others out for maintenance, service or other related type work. It was sent for overhaul a few years ago and after dissassembling the pump the mechanic made the comment that he had pulled pumps apart less than a year old in worse condition than our pump. I'd like to add that having been involved as part of the ordering on our last engine and visiting the Pierce facilities personally, I have never met people so into their jobs before in my life. They take pride in their work and are very happy with their jobs. I have never met anyone form seagrave, but I can comment on Pierce, I think they build an excellent product, and do a good job on the QC end of things. Problems come up, and mistakes are made, but truely good companies will make good once a problem is discovered, and get it fixed in a timely manner....those other companies will leave you high and dry...
Like everyone else said, EVERY manufacturer has it's problem, and some are unfortunately notorious for them. Whether the case may be electrical, body,etc.

There is no "best" manufacturer, all make a unit to do one job, suppress fire. If it's a rescue, well, you get the point and if not, well, just stop reading my post, please.

Everyone has their own opinion on their "preferred" apparatus manufacturer, but in my second paragraph, that first sentence sums it all up.
Pierce..we run 2 currently
I'd have to say Seagrave if its just between the two. I've heard too many bad stories about the Pierce plastic tank exploding from the high pressures of being filled and trucks being out of service for months just because of a crack in the plastic tank that was repaired 3 times. No matter what I'll always be an E-One guy.
At 400,000 for an engine and a cool mill for a truck I want the one we can afford. We sent out bids on a new engine and its insane what you can get but what you have to pay is nuts..At this rate a horse a buggy and few hand pumps may be next.
See I had the opposite exposure we always called E-one disposable trucks just pull the hose pump it and leave it will never work twice and then I have a friend in a company that will only buy lafrance. I dont care who built it as long as it works
@ my station we have american lafrance, pierce, and 1 e one. we havent had any problems with our pierce equipment, so i perfer pierce
Pierce all the way! Just ask FDNY about Seagrave.
Pierce ftw
Forget Pierce and Seagraves. Sutphen is the best.
My vol department just took delivery of a Seagrave on a International chassis in Aug of this year. Truck is headed back to factory for second time. Paint already coming off fender, roll out tray fell out of compartment last week (bolts were stripped, good quality control), on Sunday one of the side dumps opened in station emptying tank. Now it is in open position and will not close. All power was off, including master switch, truck had not been operated since Thursday. So our new truck is out of service until further notice. Not to mention this truck was over 5 month late on delivery! We went with Seagrave not for the name, it was because service is 1 ½ hours away. Most other apparatus service in our area is 3 to 4 hours away.
I think all the Companies have their problems. Pierce built a bunch of Dash series pumpers in the mid 80s that the engines were to closely match HP wise to the pump. When new they would pass pump test, as engines and Trans aged they would not. Department next to us ended up recertifying the pump at 1000 GPM so they could keep truck in service. I work in a combination department, volleys have 2 KMEs. Don’t have enough time or space on this page to go into problems with KME. There are allot of good small apparatus manufactures out there. Some of you Vermont guys must remember Middlesex out of Montpelier. My Vol department still has a 82 GMC and she is still going strong. They were a small company and built a great truck. Then there is the New Lexington saga, allot of departments paid money on trucks they will never get. There are getting to be a few Crimsons in our area and the departments all seem to like them. At work I drive a Spartan/ Quality (now Crimson) and we have never had any problems with it. It is one of the busiest engines in our area. A department should buy a truck to fit its needs, not just for the name on the grille.
It has been my experience in my 35 years that the one that gets you there and gets you water is the best. Even if Rolls Royce is on the side if it don't work it isn't worth a hoot.

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