I have gotten quite a few e-mails from people who didn't know what the entire acronym LOVERS PLUS stood for when they checked out the Cancel The Engine group (for the hidden truckie in all of you). FirefighterNation should be a learning tool and people shouldn't be shy about asking when they don't know, so I said I'd just share it all and be out with it:

Ladders and elevated operations
Entry (Forcible, preferably)
Rescue (very important)

Power supply
Utility and building controls
Special operations

Come visit us at Cancel The Engine and bring your inner mongo.

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Question for all you engine guys and gals and newbie truckies why do you always hop on and off a truck?? Its called the truckie hop Cold beer for the right answer???? think about it
I think they're scared. No one is even taking a shot at it (good question).
hmmm i have a few ideas, but i'm not going to spoil it..and i'm thinking serious answers...but there are some good non serious ones i could come up with!!
Well, no one is taking a guess. I don't want to spoil it but I'll take the cold beer; it's so you don't light up like a Christmas tree if your aerial is in contact with an overhead power source. Which, when you have a large ladder attached to your truck, you tend to do from time to time.

That's why the other thing you'll hear a seasoned truckie tell the newbies, is to "always look up". As a truck company officer, your habit should be to "clear overhead" every time you get off the truck, so you're in the habit when the pressure's on.
I was hoping someone would hit this with another truckie trivia question. Don't let it die!
with a name like mine, you know it isn't going to be coming from me... LOL
Ok you people its because the ladder may be energized you don't ever want to be holding the truck and ground yourself on pavement. Ok what the mathematical equitation for how far the base of a ground ladder should be from the what you are climbing???

But I like the Christmas tree answer better..How many have trained to go down a ladder head first for emergency escape??? Fun drill because Insurance companies hate it..
The Maryland Fire Rescue Institute (MFRI) sponsors a Firefighter Survival and Rescue course where the head first emergency evacuation is taught. It is a lot easier to do that it sounds, but it takes some guts to attempt outside the training ground...

This one was taught from a second story escape, hooking one arm into the ladder and swinging upright to slide the rungs. takes a few tries to complete for some, but worth the experience for when you may need it...

Given the fact one of the last threads I noticed , was relasionships in the firehouse, It can be understood that some folks aren't thinking of the acronyms and morealong the lines of thinking of "other" stuff..lol
Dan does that mean an Engine cant become energized? I realized that there are more chances of a ladder, BUT, I've seen Lines energize a Pumper as well..:)

As far as Ladder Bail outs, I have many times as well as used rope bails too, I would suggest to anyone when training to use a Belay line and do it until your confident in your abilities ....Do it till you can do it in your sleep at 3 am in -30 degree weatherwith your eyes closed it might save your azz...

Many years ago, as a rookie career FF I finally had my chance with a senior Captain who was known for his "knowledge of Knots" as part of his drill, he'd throw you a rope and go down the list .. make em... (the old school knots) tie a Clove hitch, which way I asked? dont be a smart azz he replyed , I am not, you can tie it like this , or like this... I stated, either way,.. Tie a bowline smartazz.... Umm ok Capt , which way? regular bowline !! umm ok Capt but you want it Right or left handed ? WHAT? Capt I learned how to tie rightand left handed Bowlines using one hand, and behind my back..YOUR Fulla Crap... No Capt .for real, ties one with left hand and one with right hand , behind my back with only the respective hand .... "Well I'll be" they are the same, but backwards Yes Capt, but each is a bowline ... Why would you wanna left handed bowline over a right handed one? (scoffing) Oh Capt It prolly doesnt matter , but its more important that if your in darkness and smoke at 3 am at the bottom of an air shaft, Injured you might only have one hand to use.... WELL thats not a rescue Knot , No sir Itsnot, But I can tie a rescue knot with a bit more difficulty then a plain bowline.... Can You?........ stop showing off Capt Iam not showing off IF I was I'd have used the "TUGBOAT Bowline" .."ok I'll Bite" What the hell is a Tugboat bowline ?? I tie one He looks att it and says well, It sorta looks like a bowline But look.... It doesnt tighten the loop..., DumbA**... Umm Capt, it isnt supposed to tighten into a fixed loop,like a bowline, Its designed to be a bow line that sinches down on a cleat or a pier and it will tighten on the targetbut will loosen when youlet off pressure , the bowline cinch is tied upside down on the standing end so it closes away rather then at the standing end..... OKKK Mr know it all... ..lol

my point is this, this knowledge could save your butt.. but its only as good as your ability .. Practice gives confidence and skill...
The head first ladder slide was a ton of fun. I'm an Engine guy but at the same token I have an Aerial Operations course under my wing. We also did the insole on the ladder beam and slow yourself down with hand pressure. Hurts a tad on the shoulders though
Speaking of which, funny, this was a headline today.....


Firefighters in east Charlotte were responding to a call Tuesday afternoon when they ended up becoming the ones in danger.

A black truck was backing out of a parking space and lost control in a driveway on Bridge Port Drive off of Milton Road. It hit a fence and then an air conditioning unit.

Firefighters were responding to the scene when they ran into some power lines. The power lines fell on the truck, trapping the rescuers inside.

Because the power lines were live, the firefighters could have been electrocuted if they tried to get out of the truck.

A Duke Energy crew had to rush to the scene to turn the power off. Once the lines were dead, all of the firefighters exited the truck without being injured.

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