As of this writing, "Drinking in the Fire House" has 287 replies.

"Women in the Fire Service" has 263 replies.

At times, both have become heated, has been argued with passion and are issues that keep coming up over and over again. And nothing NEW is ever said. It's the same thing, just SAID by somebody different.

Are they issues that are important in the larger scheme? In some parts of the country and in some fire departments; yeah, it's still an important issue, because THEY have resisted efforts to establish a national initiative to improve them.

Have you noticed that both topics that I highlight have certain "social" implications?

Drinking is definitely "social" and women in the fire service? Well, we have already seen men fighting over some of them right here on this website. So, there is a social aspect to that as well and if one has the time to check out some of the submitted photos, you will see some social cleavage by those screaming that they wanted to be treated the same as men. I am still looking for a tasteful photo of my upper body to post.

However; I digress. The reason for this post is very simple: we have engaged in endless debate on two issues that are important, but not where the percentage of injuries and death are occurring. When efforts to discuss firefighter safety or scene safety or improving requirements or reducing civilian fire deaths, the discussion thread is lucky to get 10 replies before you hear the crickets.

Why do we-myself included-spend so much time on issues with little national impact and ignore those things that impact us on a daily basis?

I like to have fun and will post a "funny" from time to time, but if we ever expect to change and improve our fire service, we have to engage our brains. We have to think. We have to act.

There are some great blogs being written on a wealth of topics that could help anyone of you, but I have to wonder how many of you read the blogs. From Tiger, FASNY, Mick and Pete; I spend alot of time reading their stuff because it's FREE and it's INVALUABLE.

You could end discussions before they start, if you'd read their blogs. The topic has already been covered by them.

I just think that our priorities are all screwed up. We bitch about how precious our free time is, yet, we are forced to wade through a bunch of mud just to find a little nugget of wisdom.

I need coffee.


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That boy's one hose short of a fire engine.

So we wanna talk about hoses now huh?
lol...easy there tiger
Well what sells more a calender of fire trucks and fire scenes or half naked male or female fire fighters? I tried before in earlier times to post meaningful things and they got replaced by whats the dumbest thing anyone has done or the other mindless stuff, so I join in the fun and save my real thoughts for other places and times. I am not dull stop it really I can laugh and joke about all the things in the service but sometimes I wonder about us all. Maybe we need to just all need to take a breath and smell the smoke and not worry because policing the site and those on it isnt worth the trouble.
Mmmmm coffee... headed to Starbucks. Folks have a safe day and wear your seatbelt, don't drink and drive, don't move the apparatus until everyone is seated, use a spotter when backing, always wear your helmet on the fireground, never raise ladders without gloves, always watch for overhead wires when raising ladders, always stop at red lights and make eye contact then if safe proceed, when climbing or descending always use three points of contact... wow seems like it is easier to say be safe. If you look at the LODDs so far though maybe we need to be reminded of all this. Possibly another post after Starbucks.

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