Our District just received a $ 51,000.oo grant, where about 40K will be dedicated to new extracation equipment. We are currently using Hurst and are overall pleased but open to suggestions. I would love to hear pros and cons on other manufacturers and experiences, both good and bad. Tip, tricks and "cant live without it" tool ideas are all welcome.
As always, Stay Safe!

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hey mike, hopefully you are already using the portable simo unit from hurst, you can use two tools at once,although we have tested the new hurst quick connects,our extrication team feels that the traditional connectors that we can all do with our eyes closed are still the way to go
Every manufacturer is going to say their product is better. I suggest you contact some dealers and have them come to your district and try them out yourselves on different scenarios and make your own assumptions....me I stand by HURST all the way.....
We Use TNT Rescue Tools. I Like Them Because They A Light Weight.. We Also Have A 25 Year Old Set Of Lukas Tools..
i would like to set u straight amkus tool are made in downers grove illinois they make the tool right at that location .
Our department has always used Hurst tools. These tools are probably older then some of you in the post. We have had great luck with them. I really cant complain about them. I have found with my years of experience that pending the set up and use of your tools pends on which to you should get. I think they are most good tools out there..
Amkus tools are used by my current and former sister station. We looked at other tools and we liked Amkus over Hurst and Halmatro. Their service is fast and the tool is easy to operate. Reliable and now our two departments can operate on a scence and run off each others power unit.
Mike, my department uses hurst cutters, spreaders and rams. nice tool i haven't found anything that we have't been able to do with it. the only draw back is the tool is heavier than some of the other tools. i have used holmatro tool it is a nice tool and seems to work well but i still like hurst.
we use TNT tools...the new 10,000 psi system...theyre pretty good but i favor the Hurst system...when we did our comparison/tool demo...our dept compared the TNT 10,000 psi system to the Hurst 5000 psi system...a small detail that obviously made TNT look like the better buy...if your gonna compare systems..match them up accordingly so you can see real standardized results...

dont forget hand tools...a firefighter trained at the advanced level can do just as much with hand tools and chains as a firefighter with a power tool...think about it this way...when your power tools fail to cut into or spread apart a car...a firefighter has to be able to switch gears and go into Plan B, C and D mode...if you dont provide a different assortment of tools and soley rely on power tools...the guys will be very limited to what they can do on scene...and they will have limited options to turn to if Plan A goes awry....

5 things will determine if a firefighter will be successfull on the extrication scene...their ability to 'read' the wreck...the cars involved in the wreck...the firefighter's tool proficiency...firefighter ingenuity and the tools a firefighter is given to work with...

yes...more tools means more training...but then better equipped...better trained...and more experienced firefighters will be arriving on scene..and if it was your mother or wife or child who was trapped....wouldnt you want the best coming to help them?
Jeff you might want to research this a bit,Amkus,Holmatro are made in the USA just to name two.
LG,As part of the programs I'm involved in,I get to use a lot of toys. Your view of TNT is, at best,flawed.Question one:is your pump a simo? If it isn't,yes the operation will be slower or impossible with two tools working at once.If the pump IS a simo,you have a pump problem,plain and simple. We currently run Holmatro,but I've cut a bunch of vehicles with TNT,HURST,GENESIS,ResQTek,Amkus and I don't find any of them lightyears ahead of the others.Sounds like your dealer may be an issue.Have you called the TNT factory? I'm QUITE sure they would be interested in your story.
Caleb,no offense intended but a steering column isn't much challenge.Try a late model Subaru B post,it's a pretty good test.
Oh, there you go,getting practical again.Lot to be said in knowing ALL the tools,hand powered included.


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