I am a really big American LaFrance fan . The one on my pics is a 2001 American LaFrance Eagle Series Rescue/Engine . My second favorite would ba a Pierce Dash

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I have 2 alf eagles and love them and then our simon/duplex LTI ladder truck
Yes . They are very very nice trucks
Well. I don't know alot on the apparataus but I do like the engine ( atlease the one here). It has a Detroit diesel and It is a very sharp looking Engine . That is the American laFrance but the Dash would fall under the looks .So that's the reason for the Dash
i'm not a real big fan of american lajunk myself. the only reason that you were having problems with the pierce is because you got a frieghtliner chassis. I wouldn't put my ex-girlfriends mother in one of those and i can't stand her. You probably got a detriot motor in it considering you said it was a low budget truck.

I'm from a small town where the county gives us 6000 a year to operate and maintain our department. We didn't get a a new truck until 2000 when we got our pierce. Until then the newest truck we had was a 1978 mack pumper tanker that we didn't know if it was gunna start half the time. Since we got that truck we won't own anything else but a pierce. Don't get me wrong alf has come a long way in the design of their trucks, but i've seen what they look like after 20 years of service and they ain't nothing to write home about. But hey, opinions are like belly buttons everybody has got one and they are all different so choose what you want. I just thought i would throw in my 2 cents.

I have a 97 Pierce Sabre. We have had good luck with it so far. Some minor engine problems, but the biggest problem we have had is rusting on the cab doors. I would recommend a Pierce to anyone. Not bad looking or operational dependability trucks.
In the next few years we are looking to replace our 89 International engine. We are tossing around the idea of a resuce/pumper, or a pumper/tanker. Just looking for some opinions on what company makes the best for an all around good truck in either catagory. I am on the truck buying commity for my department, so whatever advise I get will help out alot.
I don't get why you all have got "crappy" trucks . The one here (A 2001 ALF engine) has had no trouble what so ever . I did get some word that American LaFrance has filed BANKRUPSIE.
Who said we all have crappy trucks? You just got lucky with your 01 ALF. I don't care what company you choose to go with, most of the time there is always going to be minor problems. You asked for opinions, so your getting them.
I live in Clintonville WI we have a SEagrave plant here in town . My department has 3 seagrave trucks The oldest is an 1987 ariel then an 1988 pumper and an 1990 pumper with a jaws unit and our lives depend on these trucks
I have to agree. ALF is a dependable truck. My department is in the process in replacing our fleet. Our first new piece we received is a 2007 ALF 100' mid mount tower ladder with a 2000 gpm pump and 500 gal. tank. In April we will be getting a 75' tele-squrt with 2000gpm pump and 500gal. tank, and our last piece will be in October, when our ALF rescue pumper with 2000gpm pump and 500 gal. tank is delievered.
You're right
We use both Sutphen and Seagrave for our apparatus at the moment.

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