You say We got it easy..easier than it was in Your day
You had to walk 18 miles to school uphill both ways?
When You got to school did they have metal detectors in the Halls?
Did You frequently get called outside for those Bomb threat Calls?

Did You have a Credit Report to follow You around and deny You anything instead of a Hand shook deal?
Or worry about what they were Putting in Your meals?

Did You ever have to worry about an Airplane crashing into where You work?
Are You just trying to " Motivate" This Generation or are You just being a Jerk?

Did the Price of Gasoline Cause Your neighborhoods not to be patroled?
and You never worried about dying from AIDS or having much more than a Common Cold..

When You cut Yourself was there ever a Worry for MRSA?
Nah Hell Yall just spit on the wound and went on Your way..

You didnt have to have a College Degree to work for the Government back then
Hell Nowdays You got to have one Damn near just to Fight fire with other Men

The Fires werent as Dangerous as they are today... You didnt have the Chemicals that We have to deal with everyday..

The Cars You drove would last 10 or15 Years..
The Cars We drive are made of Plastic and crumple if You SEE a deer

Dont tell Me You had it rougher when You were just a Lad
Cause I remember Going hungry One Christmas.. Watching the tears fall from My Mom and dad...

Sgt. Bobby J King

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