Hi all! Just trying to get a feel for what kind of equipment is still in service out there! We've got a 1956 Ward LaFrance that was purchased new by the Dept and is still in active service (although not commonly!). Believe it or not, it's a 750 GPM Pump and is more powerful than a lot of the newer stuff we've got! The newest in the fleet is a 2003 Marion 75' Aerial Ladder. We've got a couple older trucks that are being restored and are collectors, but nothing else that old on the active roster. Anyone else still have good old trucks?

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the oldest truck in the department im on is a 1978 maxim that is used for water supply and is also 2nd do on forestry calls the newest truck we got is an 07 FFA intruder 2 quint with the 77 foot ariel and 400 gallon tank

the neighboring city rochester is running a 1975 mack as there oldest piece but that there reserve truck and hasnt been used in 2 years
our first and oldest fire truck is a 1944 International army tanker that was donated to us in 1959, we used it till the 1980's.
Our oldest piece of apparatus is a 1972 Ford L-900 chassis, built by Middlesex Fire Equipment Montpelier Vt. It has a 1000 gpm with 1000 gal. tank. The truck it self has a 534 gas engine with a spicer 5 spd. trans. It is mainly used for water supply, mutual aid and training.
Out of my station, my only piece of apparatus is a 1973 Ford F-750 Western States. 750 gallons and 1,ooo gpm. Gas V-8, 20 gallon gas tank. For where it's stationed, it's insufficient for the duties but it was an upgrade at the time we bought it. We're planning either the budget year of 09/10 or 10/11 it will be replaced with an engine much better suited and much newer, but not new.
About two years ago we took a 1964 Mack C 85 open cab out of service, it was our front line engine and could out pump anything around here, we had it and a old b model Mack in tandem to a tower a couple years ago adn they made us shut down becasue of to much water being out on the runway when the planes were landing at teh Air Force Acadamy it was great , we made two newer engines look like mini pumpers. LOL
we have a 79 sutphen 85' platform as our first out ladder truck
we run 4 turcks out of our station. The oldest is an 81 Ford Custom that is our Traffic Unit, followed by an 82 FMC Engine that is first out on all accidents, our third and fourth trucks run first out on structures depending on the area and if it is hydranted or not, they are an 83 Mack Engine and a 91 4Guys 3000 Gallon Pumper Tanker
out of seven trucks our oldest is a1963 ford 500 gal. it doesnt get ran much do 2 the fact we have a 2 1000 gal. pumpers(1990s)1 city/(2007)1 county)and a 1975 or 1985 2500 gallon tanker which needs 2 b relpaced also due 2 old age but that old ford will start for u just abt any time and the pump still runs good 2. the last time we used that it was about a mnth and a half ago at a meeting.
We have an 1983 Mack Pierce pumper tanker that is on my page
Our only pumper is a 76 mack and still going strong .
Our oldest active duty apparatus is a 1975 International homebuilt tanker with a 1800 gallon (milk) tank. We have two others (looking for new homes) that are on "reserve list". One is a 1969 Chevrolet Engine with a Howe body and a 1976 Hendrickson with a Bean 1250gpm pump and 1ooogal tank.
a Mack will run forever if you take care of it

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