My Vol FD make us purchase everything so the boys and I want leather helmets, but not the high new leather price so we opted to go with used. Does anyony know where to find some used leather helmets for sale besides EBAY. Does anyony want to see thiers? We dont care what condition they are in or how old they are, we will buy anything off you. Or even a site that sells them. We have been to all traditonal sites but even used beat up ones are overpriced.

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You are gonna pay top dollar for leather no matter where you find it.
Leathers are not the easiest to find...nor cheap. Best bet is to hit the Buff shows as they pass. Only thing that sucked about the leathers was how much heavier they are.
If its cheap, it won't be safe.

If you really want one, you should get a new one or go to a state or local firefighter's convention and see what they have on sale there, sometimes those events offer discounts.

I'm a big fan of leather too, but make sure whatever helmet you end up with is still NFPA compliant. Don't sacrifice your safety just to look cool. Stay safe!
Open up you're wallets and stop being cheap. Save up, and get a new N5A. This way you will know that the helmet is safe plus the dings and scars on the helmet that you get over your career will be yours and not caused by someone else.

What is the fun of buying a helmet with a Bronx bend already in it? The fun part is getting the bend the ol' fashioned way, earning it..
Leather is cool and all, But I retired mine and got a Paul conway composite. It looks the same as leather, but is about 2 lbs lighter. Also about $200.00 cheaper.
Look your melon is irreplacable and you dont want something old, cracked up and dried up protecting it, just because it was a cheap cool leather helmet. One good wack on the helmet with a beam or falling sheetrock could penetrate that old leather helmet.

Just save your money up and buy a new leather, it isnt going to be cheap, by the time I got the leather front on mine, I was close to 600 bucks.
hi heres the facts it is true that no new leather is cheap. heres something alot of people dont know cairns new yorker and the sam houston are the only true leather helmets. they are 100% leather for the exception of the inner impact cap. the paul conway is the perfect exmple of a non all leather. they are the same thing as a regular fiberglass helmet. they have an extremely thin coat of leather on the helmet. it has been known for that thin strip to burn completely off. also some guys at my department did an expieriment an it showed that a cairns N5A (stripped of all accessories)weighed 3 ounces less than a cairns 1010 (stripped of all accessories). bottom line cairns N5A is the way to go if you care for my 2 cents.
I have a Brand New, Still in the box with all tags - Cairns Natural Leather --- Size - Large

All tags still attached - paid $474 plus $25 on shipping

sell for $420 with shipping included if interested.. I agree - If you want a Leather - get a new one - if Used - was it ever subjected to hazmat's??? When buying used - you just never know, and would you really want to put a contaminated helmet on your head??

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