Please tell me more about this organization and what they do. How they help one on one. I support ICISF which I know is the umbrella for all CISM groups. I heard about it from one of my city's BCs who has become a good friend. I wanted well respected organizations that truly help to support with proceeds from my book. So he told me a little about ICISF and CISM. I have not sold enough to support them yet other than to have them mentioned on the book cover and on my website. But if I ever get my head above water then I know what percentage I want to send them. It's been great to read discussions and see how often CISM is mentioned. That lets me know it is an organization that fire fighters, EMS, and police truly work with and respect and really helps you.

Please tell me more about the program.

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My Dept has used CISM in the past before. I started and I heard they were very helpful in helping several of our Dept members. We are currently looking at using them after a call last night though.
By any other name... CISD, CISM (Critical Incident Stress Debriefing, Critical Incident Stress Management) all operate on the premise of helping the warriors cope with the stress of battle.... Most places have some form of either in place and available. IF the affected agency requests it.

Most, at least in my part of the country, consist of a team of emergency services folks who have received some specialized training in the process. Most debriefings take place as soon as possible after the incident and are conducted in a group setting, sort of a "Hot Wash". I have asked for debriefing for individuals as well.

We had an absolutely hideous year here with "those" calls..... We were able to conduct our own Hot Wash and I have not been made aware of any of my people (Or those from mutual aid) who have had any long term detrimental effects from these incidents. But we are vigilant.
We've used them before in the past and they're great!:)
I wouldn't say that "CISM" is an organisation, I see it as more of a function. For us the whole thing is driven by the Fire Rescue Service (FRS) itself, set up, staffed, coordinated and supported. The base level, the Peers, that level seen initially by those in need is made up of volunteers (we're a mainly volunteer Service) who have undertaken training to help them become a team of 'listeners' for those of us in need. They are often called to the debriefing sessions we run after incidents involving severe injuries and fatalities - here they will talk and listen to the whole group or any individuals that wish a private talk.

I've been lucky so far and have not felt the need for a CIS chat. In fact the only time I've spoken with one of the Peers was when I came off of a 15 hour shift at a wildfire and I was approached and asked if I was sure I was OK, because I'd said 'hello' and tried to move quickly straight past him - I was hungry and he was betweeen me and my meal!

CIS services within my FRS are available to all those who may need help. The firefighters, support staff/volunteers, the families of all those people. The service is free even when someone is sent up the line to maybe psychriatric help. It is a much needed system, and one that we constantly keep in member's minds. There is nothing weak or pathetic in seeking help when help is needed.

I've never heard of the ICISF, it might be a local organisation to you, or maybe the USA?
Thank you for your reply. This helps me a lot! I think I may need to undergo some of their training. How that could have helped me when I was taking so many calls after 9/11! ICISF is International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. Then the CISM branches off from that is what I believe from what I've read and what some local guys here have told me. And that by supporting ICISF I be supporting all the CISM branches.
So learning more about this organization or "function" is awesome. I greatly appreciate all the comments that have come in.

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