just curious do your explorer posts issue you pagers and badges just wondering cause my post does

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our station does not issue pagers but if you want one you ask. as long as you earned it by showing up and doing your work they give you.
With my department, the explorers who have been there the longest are issued pagers, then the ones who join later have to ask for one. We have a badge on our polos but thats it. We wear the same t-shirts, and same color of shirts/pants. It's all one uniform. And I know if you have a pager, you are expected to use it and keep it with you.
My fire dept you get a pager but no badge untill you are on the dept for a year. And if you have a pager you are expected to make runs when you can.
my fire department gives us pagers to use but we have strick guidelines in which we can use them but it is still great to have them and be able to go to calls
Our department does not issue out pagers or badges when you're cadets. But they also have adapted the by-law that cadets aren't allowed out on first line vehicles, such as the engines, ambulances and tanker.
Our department gives us pager, but don't give us badges.
in my town they are not explorers they can't join till the age 16 and they stay as jr's for two years then they become reg. members, they get all the same stuff the regaulars get minus the blue lights and the voting rights. we had explorers and it didn't work out the way we liked so we closed it down and went in to the jr's progam that is a little better. we are able to do more with them .
Hi, Dylan,
Yes, our post does. We issue digital and voice pagers. Badges, including collar brass & name tags.
Be Safe. Lin
my vol co dose issue pagers no badges though
the station that im on does give us pages but only when you have enough training and you get it cleared with the chief that you are allowed to go on calls
Man we get nothin. We don't get pagers or badges. Were allowed to have pagers and/or scanners but they don't give them to us. There is one rule about scanners and pagers for explorers. DO NOT TAKE THEM TO SCHOOL. There is only one person that has a pager. that would be me. There are three with the Potable Nascar Scanners.

Badges. Well we never discussed the badges so I get back with ya on that one.
Hey this is jake an my post does not badges but we r working on pagers

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