Is this just here in MO? Just wondering. Thanks

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I would have never of met my wife if I didnt join the firehouse. Her dad was chief when we met. And she has been part of the firehouse and the amubulance squad. And now she is a dispatcher. Hell I think it actually gives you something in common to talk about over dinner.
I really think that with the hours we spend doing the job we love that we run in to them more often. If we worked at wal-mart do you really think we'd see them as much if ever?
Most women around here (in North Carolina) love the men in uniform (EMS, fire, or law enforcement), but they have a hard time fully understanding that there's always going to be responsibility and danger to go along with the uniform. Women in the medical field (I'm dating a nursing assistant at a local hospital), however, seem to be a bit more understanding, even though they still hate the thought of their man doing a dangerous job.
I must say that I do find some humor how the debate goes back and forth as far as why. Women are complicated people, if I cant speak for others, I can most certainly speak for myself. I dont think that its a "uniform" so much as what the uniform stands for. No woman can deny the fact that there is some attraction to a man in uniform. Its there, just embrace it. Fire and EMS alike are there to service others, or atleast they should be. When a woman sees this, its an admirable trait and isnt that we ultimately are searching for? We can very easily go on auto pilot and forget that there is actaully a person in there, all we see is a firefighter or a medic. You have two general types of gals that throw themselves at these men. The most obvious of which is the woman who only want the fireman, not the person. Then of course the ones who actually see them for who they are and respect and embrace it.

Men, once you know that a woman is attracted to you and you think it might be because of your uniform, find out what she is really there for. The right one is there it just might take some trial and error, but then again, she might be right in front of you.
I am going to throw this out as a Life's lesson: "wolf in sheep's clothing". Remember that.
Just because you dress up in a hot dog outfit and stand in front of "Der Wienersnitzel" doesn't mean that you're a wienie.
A cowboy hat doesn't make you a cowboy.
A uniform doesn't make you a superhero.
Uniforms shouldn't attract you...
Motorcycles should!
It would seem there are several reasons with no true scientific proof, just simple observations I have made over the years.

The proximity of fire departments that run ems services (predominately men) to the local ER (where the nurses are; ie predominately female) makes it quite "convienient" for the two to get together. Of course it wouldn't matter if it was men and women in an office, in a combat zone, or at McDonnald's. However, with certain stress related factors (working a trauma or being in combat) I think theres a precursor that allows for men and women to relate easier and the chances for romance increase exponentially. Sure I can dig where a nurse is coming from when she says she's had a bad day and I would believe vice versa. But to say women exclusively in the medical field want to date firemen? I wouldnt go that far. The local badge bunnies in the ER I know are partial to my little brothers in blue, and thats cool. I figure the cops have to get some lovin too, right. Chicks do dig the uniform and the tradition that goes along with the fireservice, period. They dig uniforms whether its the UPS guy or that crackerjack sailor outfit. However, ours comes with tradition and is associated with heroism, whats not to love? Mediacal field though, come on. I score better at the local bank.

But it ain't just nurses, women from all walks of life dig firemen, baby!
I have found it easier to be involved with someone from the same field ie. police, FF, EMT. Due to stress related to the job. I have found they are easier to talk to and have an understanding of why you may feel the way you do after a day at work. I all so see people of the same interest have more fun.
Hey Bro....I'm a nurse as well as a firefighter and medic...and I, for one would never date another (male) firefighter.........well.....maybe if I needed a ride really, really,really again all civilty has escaped a conversation.........LOL
I just think my wife has inhaled to much CO. But that's just me talking.
In true Animaniac form..........Helloooooooo Nurse!
There are few that truly understand how we work and think. The bizarre experiences bind our souls together.
Just my .02 euros
Personally, I don't want my spouse to know everything about my job.
It's still fun to explain what I do to her.
The rest comes from living together and loving each other and becoming familiar with each other to the point that you understand each other through good days and bad days.
The boundaries of your emotion are established once you understand the triggers of the other.
And it doesn't matter if you're a firefighter, electrician or sanitation worker.
Keep in mind, I am not arguing occupational mortality. I am talking about understanding each other.
Because I really use my tool well! You know, halligan.

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