Is this just here in MO? Just wondering. Thanks

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Is it potentially the fact they can relate to being in the service together, and since they both know what happens and how it goes, it can be a little more forgiving? It can be difficult for some folks to transition to being with a firefighter/EMS provider, and the constant "I have to go's" and "I have training tonight"
you see some of it here.... it really all depends on the person, some people do it because they feel a ff/emt/medic has a better understanding of what they're going through (after all a bad day for us is in a whole new world from a bad day for a white collar paper pusher)

and there are some who really are the "badge bunny" types.... each ff/medic/cop/whatever is a notch on their belt like a prize or something, its kind of sad......

My current bf is a ff/medic, but it wasnt like "ZOMG! hes a ff! sweeeeeeeeet!"....... it was more of a he's a cool person with bonus points for the fact that he knows that a bad day for me means i just ran a call where a cop committed suicide, not i punched the holes on the wrong side of my report....... In past relationships i havent been able to talk about bad calls because i didnt want to suck my bf into it, and it caused a lot of problems because they didnt understand why i didnt feel like going out on a particular day, and that i just wanted to go to a friends house that was in emergency svcs instead of hangin out with him, so in that manner its nice, but im not one of those people who only dates guys in uniform or anything like that.......
Because firefighters are just so freakin' HOT!!!!
lolz obviously you havent seen some of the guys down this way then :)
I have no idea. lol. I am a firefighter myself, and would not date one...
Badge bunnies LOL Thats a nice way of the other phrase I heard called "badge ho's" Theres always some folks in all walks of life that attach themselves towards an amergency services branch.
Come on Siren, I thought everyone online was a supermodel? Are we not living up to the steroetype? LOL
It's because we know how to handle our hose!Haven't you seen the t-shirts?
Ah the voice of reason. They say opposites attract, but what if folks are similar? Heaven forbid LOL
We all know that it really doesn't matter that they are in the medical field but here's the reasons any woman wants to date a firefighter.
10. DAMN that uniform!
9. they find it hot and leave it wet
8. they're good and trained in mouth to mouth
7. anyone that can carry their hose over their shoulder has something goin for them
6. they can quickly and efficiently solve any problem
5. they always maintains their umm . . . . apparatus
4. you know he is in damn good shape
3. we'd run in for you when everyone else would run out
2. You know they can sweep you off your feet
1. not many can say they're dating a HERO!
spoken like a true county fair tee shirt.

Plain and simple, theres an ass for every seat, everyone has their likes and dislikes. If a female likes a male firefighter, it isn't because they are always in shape (yeah right look at some of the personnel, only thing in shape is their pincher fingers holding doughnuts) or generally any of the reasons on those redneck tee shirts. It is not uncommon for emergency services workers (paid or volly) to cross over in the dating spectrum. I again feel this is a direct attribute to the fact that they can relate to differant things. (i.e. schedule difficulties, meetings, trainings, dark:30 calls) It is nice being able to share a common interest spectrum in work, gives you new things to talk about everyday.
Heck working in the Emergency field for over 20 yrs now - maybe it's because they are the only guys you meet and understand funked up hours/schedules lol

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