I am planning on becoming a firefighter, of course, and I am currently an explorer. Here is what I am doing right now and my plan- I am in explorer post 555 and plan on getting internships through that when I graduate highschool. Next year I am getting my basic EMT and either next year or the year after I am getting my Intermediate EMT. I plan on getting my paramedic license in 6 months through a program here in my hometown, and the fire department pays for that because I will already be a firefighter.

But what do I do to become a firefighter...What schooling do I need? What highschool classes, if any, should be taken or would benefit me and what college courses need to be taken?

I posted this question somewhere else, but didnt get much of a response. So please answer

I greatly appreciate it

Stay safe everyone and Thankyou!

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That's hard to answer. It is a very general question that varies on depts. Out here you have to be a paramedic to get hired by the FD. High school classes for that would be heavy on the math and sciences. Same in college. Check the local Community College for FF courses if they have any.
...So If I am just an Intermediate EMT with one step to go for paramedic, I still wouldnt get hired out where you live?
That would be correct. Crazy Californians we are
Different states have different requirements for fire fighters. Here is a website that might help you.

For Classes in High School, Math & Science classes(Algebra and so on,Chemistry) Check with school system and see if the have a program with the local FD re a cadet program. When I went thru school we had a cadet program were if ya was a JR or Senior in HS you could take the program. In this program they gave you Basic FF , Emt. Then the rest of the school year you went to the different stations and functions of the dept. You were also given priority in getting hired. It would help if they did have this in your neck of the woods. Hope this helps.
Im a volunteer and so heres what i know from other people going career... I do know that to become paid... u do need certain levels of EMT certifications, training and so on.. Sounds like you have that part under control.. If i wanna get career im going to have to become EMT certified and with that i still have to accumulate more hours in training and outside classes.... Like they said below, high school classes its best to get your math and sciences down and even in college.. You will need to know all of that if you into fighting wild land fires and hazmat and general structure fires.. I do think that everyone so far has given you some helpful tips.... Good luck with everything!!!!
haha okay thanx
Yea, I wanna do general structure and accidents...and whatever else they need me to do! Thanks
Do you have a certain department that you want to join? If so you should get with people on the department and find out their requirements for instance on my department all I had to have to get hired was my EMT-B but different departments have different requirements. I took it an extra step before I even tried to join and went to Hutchison Community College and completed my degree in fire science to make me a better hire for my department and this paid off for me.
I actually just talked to my school counselor today and I am getting my EMT basic next year but there is a very good chance that i can get my firefighter 1 also...and there is like a firefighter safety and health and other stuff...so i'm happy! Get a head start now
Well I live in Janesville...and now what station and everything haha...but yea i'll talk to my advisor at my next junior meetin...Thankyou

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