i'm trying to find out how other depts. feel about their members carring pagers or portable radios. our dept. gives us pagers to carry for our tones to come through on and we have problems with calls not coming through all the time. if we had portables this may not happen. whats your opinion

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What batteries are you using. We are currently getting a max. of 13 hrs on a new battery and falling to 8-10 hrs. after about 6 months. We have tried 2 differnt ones, the ones that came with it and Interstate batteries. We have talked about a battery conditoner but that has not shown up. As far as working, we are in remote area. We have to have repeaters put in the trucks to get out of 45 % of our area. and we are almost a county wide department. please let me know. We are in a very "hilly" terrain. I don't want to say mountains because there are people that live around mountians that will beg to different but they locally call them mountains.
My department gives pagers to everyone other then the officers...the officers has portable radios. Our pagers are Moto III, IV, and V mostly...i have a pagers as a captain because my walkie does not have a privite channel. and i have a Moto V and have no problems out of mine. My walkie is and Moto Ht 750,and the other ones in the department are mostly Ht750 and some ht 1000 and some other kinds
Randy...sorry for the late response, we have a moto 7.5 Nickel-Metal Hydride battery. I to live in a very remote area. We have a fireground channel that we use. This channel is set up for direct communication or a repeater activation. 2 channels, 1 frequency. As long as your within 1-2 mile range depending on topagraphy, your direct channel works, just like a walkie talkie. A PL code seperates the differance between the 2 channels. Ive stood next to another FF with a radio and tried to talk to the engine on the repeater channel, and nothing came over the radio. I switched to the direct channel, and it came over just fine. A dead spot for the repeater. It sounds confusing, and is if you dont understand the concept of a repeater and how it works, but is actually rather simple. Another thing is also the power of the radio, most portibles are only 5 watt. Where as your mobile's in the trucks can be 45 watt or bigger. More power, more range. I have to use my mobile one in my POV alot because of its range over my portable. Hope this helps, do some research on it to help you, good luck and stay safe....
All our firefighters get pagers our officers get both radios and pagers. And if you can afford to buy a radio you can use it but there is strict rules on using them if your not an officer. I got a vertex vx-180 and it has a pager built in but i don't use it except for backup, andi have a minitor 5 .
All Firefighters are given US Alert Nova pager All of our Officers are given portables. Mine is programed for EMS, My fire station and another staton just east of us who are usauly automatic aide for Structure and larger incidents. We can monitor The county Fire Main only. I feel I have no need for a Portabel because we have a few officers that go direct no matter the call and they will have a protable on them if needed.
Our county has recieved 535K in grants to upgrade our systems. We are going all digital by 2010. All departments will have all new digital radios that will connect them with every other radio operated company, business and enterprise in the county. All fire apparatus, state trooper and sherrif vehicles along with all emergency response vehicles are or have already been equiped with 3D satelite image maps on portable laptops that can show all locations in the county. Along with the imaging, the software also connects us into the criminal database that shows if/what crime has been commited at any location in the county; and to top it off, it will tie us directly into the camera systems in all the schools and hospitals in the county. Any business that would like to be tied into the camera system can as well by providing us thier password information. We are really excited about this transition and the doors it will open for our emergency personell. The new radio's will be able to transmit county wide and into the neighboring counties without loss of call/connection. They will enable us to talk directly to all businesses with radio systems that opt in, including the school buses, neighboring departments, the school systems, hospitals, and all the departments of the neighboring counties.
A repeater would help if not solve the problem with missed calls. My former volunteer dept. had one installed and it cut down on missed calls.
WOW...Im not sure what kind of radios you all got, but we just got Moto cp 200's 16 channel for $410.00 each. A moto miniter V is like $500.00.
my department gives us pagers also and we to have trouble reciving adresses and nators of the call but we are also in the mountan part of the town lol...i dont like the idea of memebers carrying portables thou becuse frome the 5 years i have ben in communication is always a problum you give everyone a radio everyone is going to wanna talk on it then you are gonna have not only the trucks over riding the dispatch and chiefs now you will get firefighter who think they are officers and well every department has them few ppl that we pray do not get a radio becuse they tell you even when they farted or somthing stupid lol but i do think that their should be a better paging systom to be came up with for the problum and i think if you are in a fire you should have a radio for the reason of gettin seperated hurt fall threw i think everyone should have a radio with them but ...i do see what you are talking about just complain to the chief enough and get a new one lol
Our department uses both. Also, our county *rural area* has given the dept's options to also have the pages sent via text to our cell phones. It goes down sometimes, but it seems to be working out really well, There's no breaking up that you can sometimes get on your portable or pager, and you will not need to ask again for the address via radio, it comes through in the text.
We dont carry pagers, we use the Relm 6500 and it works for us, we had the 599 A Plus, they worked well also, we dont see the need to carry a pager if you have a radio that can do both, you have to remember your member have to have them turned on to work.
And as with any radio location is the key to it all, we are in Stephens County in Texas and are the only TRUE VFD in the County, ( www.waylandvfd.webs.com ) we cover a 142 sq. miles and sometimes down in the canyons and valleys nothing works at all.
Try the Relm 6500 it may work for you.
our dept all the members get pagers and the officers get radios.

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