I noticed as i was cleaning up the trash at my station that we drink the heck out of mountain dew. Everyone around here does, we have a store that can barely keep any in stock. I was just wondering if this was more because we are a small town (kinda redneck) or the firestation? Anyone else have an abundance of mountain dew drinkers?

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When we are out on a call it is water or gatorade or powerade in the coolers. At the station we have a drink machine that we sell soda, water & gatorade from just hangin' out or working or a meeting. I'm pretty much the only coffee drinker & I stop for a cup on the way.
Seems that at my department there's a lot of orange crush as well. I think thats what it is, never really paid attention, just a lot of orange soda. And yeah... a lot of Dew as well.
It's a fire staion thing. Every station I go into there is a mountain dew bottle somewhere. We all need caffiene to get us through the day, and dew has a lot of it!
Lots of dew drank at my station too but i dont understand why...to me it tastes like panther piss mixed with skunk spray..never have been able to get it down.
Mountain Dew is official fire fightin' fuel! Mostly I believe it has to do with the caffine content plus the fact that most prefer the light colored sodas (Dew, 7-up, Sprite, Vault etc) vs. the dark sodas (coke, pepsi, Dr Pepper). I noticed the same thing when I was an oilfield roustabout.
I personally drink alot of dew and so do the rest of the guys. We have a pepsi machine that has dew in it and we barley can keep it full.
We drink Ski more than we drink Mountian Dew.
I Live By the Dew
Ah yes the Nector of the gods. Not just for Firefighters but geeks or anyone else looking for a high caffiene fix. I've been hooked on it since Jr high school still sleep with a glass of it next to the bed.

Around the station unfortunately we stock Coke products. For calls we have Gatorade and water (just recently started stocking the G2 in place of regular Gatorade)
Mountain Dew and Ice Tea seem to be the only drinks that come out of the refrigerator. I'm not a coffee drinker but I still need a lot of caffeine to keep my sanity.
My old firestation use to drink moutain dew left and right. We have a soda machine out front of our station, they can never keep it full also the stores near us dont keep enough in stock. We are also a small town and kinda redneck so it could be something about small towns.
WE have two slots for Mtn Dew and restock frequently....It a fire thing...LOL

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