I was just wondering what types of calls you can respond to and how you are allowed to assist
In my station, juniors can only respond to structure fires, once on the scene we have to stay out of the hot zone and can only do things like working with hoses, changing scba bottles, keeping firefighters hydrated, directing traffic around the scene if necessary, getting tools, etc. you get the idea. Now i have never heard of a station allowing juniors to enter a structure fire. not sure if insurance covers juniors that are injured either. any input would be appreciated.

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i have not heard about juniors entering a struture fire either but i have heard that juniors are allowed to be on a line and enter the hot zone
I've read an article in Readers Digest (I'll post you later on the date published). All girl rescue squad called the dragon slayers from Aniak Volunteer Fire Department from Alaska. I think they are the only junior firefighters have entered a structure fire. But I think, it was only done once which was mentioned in the article. And also mentioned, it's against their SOP to do that.

Here's another article found at the net. Dragon Slayers today. http://www.connectforkids.org/node/3628
What you do in your company is the same thing I do in my company I know that it sucks but I guess us juniors have to start out some where.
we can respond to everything
well in delaware juniors can do just about everything but enter a burning house it all depends on if the chief trust you or not.
as a junior on our dept you are aloud to go to all calls. we think that it is important for them to learn everything out in the field some people learn better that way. and if we need somthing they can get it for us.... They can not go into a fire.. they can get scba ready and filled, tools off the trucks, keep the firefighters hydrated, direct traffic, if you are a junior with your firefighter one and u are 18 then yes you can enter a structure fire...
I'm and junior and I'm 16 and have been in 2 structure fires, but they were both "controlled burns" our insurance and stuff allows us to do this.
i still dont think that you should be allowed to go into a burning building whether its controlled or not unless you are 18 and have ur FF one... thats just me.. i think its a good experiance but thats way to young to die if you know what i mean. cause even controlled fires sometimes get out of control...

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