I have two friends that are husband and wife. I've known the wife longer than her husband but we are all friends. The wife has been cheating on her husband, and she knows that I know she has. She told me if I say anything to her husband, that she would have her cousins and other guys jump me for talking. I feel bad because her husband is a good friend of mine, but I also don't wanna get jumped. Either way I am hurting one of them.

Just wondering what you guys would do.



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I can't resist asking why you posted this on a firefighter website... No where on your FFN webpage does it reflect that you are a firefighter. Not that this is a bad thing and this is a public site but this is kind of a personal subject and not something that I would post personally...

With that said, and with the wife obviously being a slut, perhaps you can find a way to have someone capture her cheating and anonymously send the photos to your friend... More than one person will know about this and you need to have plausible deniability. It's not worth getting your ass kicked but worth it to warn your friend about her unfaithfulness ...
Heck if you got the balls to post something personal like this.. Tell what the heck don't be a wimp... really going to jump ya.. Like maybe they watched too much of the soprano's.. There's your anwer tell and move on.. Try harder next time to post something doing with ff........
You are correct I am not a firefighter yet. I am going to school still. And it doesn't have anything to do with firefighting which is why I posted it in this part of the board. Thanks to everyone else for your replies.
I agree, give her the chance to tell him. If she chooses not to tell him, then get a hold of "Guido" and have him on stand by. MAN-UP!
I don't mean to jump on ya.. I think you are right you are in a tight spot,but it's their problem and in the long run he will find out,it he does not know already.. Tell him...
Put yourself in your friends shoes. Would you want your friend to tell you that YOUR wife/girlfriend was cheating on you? What if she catches a disease? How would you feel knowing you didn't tell your friend and he contracted it?
Be smart and tell the truth to him. The short term upsetting of your friend will be better for him in the long run. It may take time, but he will see it too.
You could do any of the above, or you could get pictures of her in the act and post them online. Seriously, do what you think is right not what a bunch of strangers suggest.
im going to say that cuz im in high school and this happends alot go with what Anne says, she put it correct put the balls in her court and the part of being jumped id half to say just be carful id do what anne says then have a few of my big friends come and chill with me for a few days
Have you ever bagged this girl?? Either before or after her marriage. Or is she a blood relative?

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