I've been having issues with my cell phone for several years that the phone would have signal then no signal while standing in one spot, along with the drop calls. So 4 months ago I went to the carrier and said that I was fed up with the phone, explained the above and so they gave me a new card and up-graded my phone along with giving me a new contract (ATT/Cingular). I went into the store day and explained that I'm having the same problems and the sales assistant pretty much told me that being in Fire/EMS and the communications can wipe out the SIM cards. Also, she sees customers these problems having backgrounds in FD/EMS.

So, my question to everyone is what is your cell carrier, how long have you been with them vs. in FD/EMS, and have you had any issues and what are they?

Thanks for all your help!!!!

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i have had alltel for about 7 years
I've had Sprint for ten. Back then service was very spotty, even in Los Angeles where I first got it. Threatened to change many times but they kept getting better. Old bad habits die hard. You got me leaning towards Alltel. I had a cell phone in Iraq last year and it worked just as good there as mine here sometimes better. Works off a different frequency like Europe. TCSS
ive had verizon for 4 years and ive taken it on calls and all kinda of other things, never seem to have any trouble. I am kind hard on my phones, but i finally got one i havent been able to distroy...lol. Ive never hard of the fire and ems communications being a problem but i guess anything is possible. you could possibly look into a phone made for use in our kind of work. my phone was designed for military use and i love it. its a little bigger then alot of the others but its water proof and shock resistent. ive had it for almost 2 years and i take it on fire and rescue calls all the time. it even holds up to my 2 year old son...lol. Its a casio Gz One.

I did upgrade my phone 4 months ago (brand new phone and SIM card), and still having the same problems, that's why I'm so ticked. But what Verizon explained to me today, ATT and Verizon and Sprint are on different networks/operating systems.... Also, I've heard today from my cousin that he read somewhere that the public does not need to pay the early termination fee to get out of a contract passed by the government. I'm definately going to dig into that one some more. I'll let you know what I find. But I live in the Durham/RTP area, so coverage itself shouldn't be an issue....or one would think.
i dont know if alltel has any discounts. i have never checked into it

I do believe if your phone fails to get reasonable signal at your home, work and I think other places you need to frequent, i.e VFD, school, etc.. you can get out of your contract early. At least that's true with Sprint. Don't know if it's law but maybe. Good luck, I hope I helped. Billy, TCSS

PS TCSS = Take Care and Stay Safe. It's OK I've been called worst. Hahaha
Doesn't cost a dime to ask. I hope they do, they never mention anything to save you $$, just want you to upgrade and spend more. Corporate America has it's hand in our pockets, I put a mouse trap in mine. TCSS
yea thats what i need to do put a mouse trap in my pocket lol
They do....we're usually grouped into government discount or state employee...need to bring your FD id w/ you to get it.
I have ATT/Cingular and I hate it now. I have had it for about 10 years and I have no reception at work or home. They are just now building a cell tower right outside my neighborhood so hopefully that will help. If not I think I am going to change providers.
Go with Verizon, they have the most durable phones now, the service is great and you dont have to worry about SIM cards because they dont use them! Also with the new PTT verizon is rolling out, get your friends to get it too so you can use PTT just like Nextel used to be, but with much better service.

I live in a rural area and my town is surrounded by 7 hills. We dont have any service here until you are about 2 miles out of town. But, everyone understands with the hills, reception sucks most of the time. I personally think your sales girl was feeding you a load of crap blaming Fire and EMS for the poor service. In our area, Verizon seems to have the best coverage overall, and nextel seems to be the worst. Ask your friends in the area what they use, and go from there if you can. It might be better to buy out your contract and switch, rather than stay with ATT. Good luck.

Blessings and Be Safe,


P.S. I've had Verizon for nearly 7 years with only a few minor issues!

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