I understand the concept and agree with the saying "Everyday is a Training day!" The problem I run into is there are officers in my department who do not want to train except with the people on their truck. I personally have heard an officer say " I would like to train, but I never know who will be on the back from one shift to the next so it is hard to really get anything going." I understand what this officer has said and agree to a point and that point being it is hard to do company training to where at each session you build from the previous if you do not have a consistant crew. That being said I personally do not think it is a good enough "excuse" to keep from training. I try to train on my own with what one person can do, i.e. refresh certain med skills, tying knots, throwing ladders, pumping, etc. but there comes a time when you train by yourself that it becomes dull and boring (to me at least). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a company to train that is not a consistant crew or how to keep things interesting when training on your own. I appreciate any advice, solutions, ideas, or general information.

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hmm...sounds like a time issue sorta......perhaps if you offer to head up a training exercise of some sort you can overcome that a bit by taking it off the officers shoulders and setting up the exercise yourself for them. That way if calls come in, people run, crews come and go....its not his time that was potentially wasted.....but yours.....and hey! it shows initiative, and perhaps you will get lucky and the schedule of the day will allow the training to go uninterrupted. Either way you stand a good chance at at least getting something done with your training time.

Just an idea
Whenever I have ran into this issue in my past 13 yrs as a firefighter, I found myself training with people I know or have met in the mutual aid departments. Also, there are many web sites that provide web based training for free.

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