I heard that some vehicles now have a keyless ignition.You just push a button. I believe it was Cadillac. Is this true ??? And if so, have any of you come across this in an MVA ??? How do you turn off the ignition, are these Hybrids, etc ??? I know....I've been on a learning brainfart here lately, I get that way every now and then. We dont run alot of calls here, but I want to be prepared if needed. Thanks for any info.

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You push the button and it should turn of many cars have these, Caddys Beamers, Mercedes', Lincolns, the list goes on, even a lot of non luxury cars are starting to get them
Yes and on the electric cars it could be even worse they could take off while you are working in them just by someone hiting the button .
Nissan now has many cars on their line up with keyless ignition. As long as you have the "key fob" within a certain distance to the car it will start. If the "fob" is removed from the area the car will shut down. As far as i know if the car is running upon arrival pushing the on/off button should kill the engine.
Everything from chevrolet corvette to high end lexus mercedes and such all have them. Take the keys out of the vehicle and get them at LEAST 200ft from the vehicle. Preferably behind some obstruction to help kill the signal from getting to the car. When you get close to the vehicle, depends on make model, it can be 100-20ft. The key fob will "wake up" the car. Newer cars have CAN2 network systems in them. Much like a small office. Most of the time they will have up to 60 different modules communitcation on them. Guess what the first system activated in these systems usually is, it energizes the airbag modules. Also, on some of these cars a cell phone can backfeed into the electrical system and keep the airbag system energized. they have capacitors in them and the bag only need about .5volt to deploy. Also, these cars have to also go to "sleep". this can take 2-15 minutes after the doors are shut and the fob is removed from the area of the car. So, watch out for airbags. Our department is looking at a program that has most make and model cars in it and is updated quarterly for airbag inflator and module positions. on board computer in chief rides.
On Hybrid cars DO NOT TOUCH CUT POKE PLAY WITH LOOK AT THE WRONG WAY, the large ORANGE cables in the engine compartment and usually running along the underside of the car to the battery. Most of these are carrying around 500V. Most of these cars are equipped with crash cutoffs. But just to be safe.
Look up " Intelligent Key Systems", their on the Cadillac and Nissan Altima that I know of...
Yes i think they are called smart keys but if you loose one it coast you around 300 to replace i know my daughter lost mine
all of the car makers are doing the keyless deal now.. best way that i know of is to cut the battery cable.. that's protocol in my dept. on any major accident.. on hybrids be careful, cutting the wrong wires can lead to electrocution. capacitors load up and hold large amounts of elelctricity.. most car manu. have news on their websites
we discussed this at a recent vehicle rescue class I took. As the instructor so eloquently put it, "Probie, take these and stand by the truck." or failing that, "Who pitches for the softball team? throw these as far away as you can." Frankly I would opt for the first one, but if the car is gonna get cut/totaled, maybe it doesn't matter.
I have seen cars with them but as far as seeing them in MVA's we haven't had em yet, would definitely be a good training on what to do with theses types of ignitions.
normally if you just push the button it will turn off. but we always pop the hood and disconnect or cut the cables goin to the battery to make the vehicle safe for us to work around. and we also have a steering wheel plate that goes over the steering wheel to cover the air bag incase it deploys while we are extricating.
I do know that there are cars that are the keyless ignitions and I only know very little about it. I do know that there is like a key that the owner carries and it is in the owners possession. If you can at a call with a car of that kind, ask the owner of the vehicle if possible. The other thing is to disconnect the battery. This has only been touched on a little in any of the classes that I have had about car crashes. We have concentrated more on the Hybrids then anything. I will keep my eye on this post cause I am very curious about this myself. Nice post. Stay Safe...

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