There has been a lot of discussion here on the FFN about spelling and grammar usage. Having been off from work for the past four months, I came across this memo from one of our investigators and thought I'd ask you if your department has the same level of awareness to be grammatically vigilant.

The investigator offers one suggestion for spell checking while writing reports, this could also affect your pc's ability to underline misspelled words when posting on FFN. I wanted to note that if you are using MacBook Pro, place your cursor over the red-underlined (actually red dots) and press ctrl, a window pops up and offers suggestions for correct spelling.

I hope this is one of those "helpful posts". TCSS, Mike from Santa Barbara

"I have recently assumed responsibility for providing reports to Insurance Companies, Law Firms, and other subjects requesting your reports. Many reports, primarily in the "narrative" section, contain significant spelling and/or grammar errors. One method to improve the reports is to use lower case text, which will enable the spell checker resource. When you enter all "CAPS" spell checker ignores the errors. I plan to provide further information regarding reports and other investigation issues in the near future, but did not want to delay notification to those who may benefit from this simple resource.

I certainly hope this message is written correctly; if not, please disregard the information above."

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In a discussion such as ours those things are not important. The idea a person is conveying is the most important part of any reply.
In report writing, it becomes more important than ever. A report must be accurate in every way.
One's education certainly comes into question when they make many errors. Mom taught me to check my spelling and grammar. --- She still corrects me when I'm wrong.
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no Jack, et jist seams 2 b an apropiet discshun, u forgote the an silly.
Hoked on fonics wurked fur me!!!!!!!!!!!
Yess it izz. Thaynke yoo.

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