My wife needs a flame-resistant and non-arcing bra for work.

Does anyone have a suggestipon where I can find such a thing? I tried and and I cannot find anything.



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Since the original question has been answered, and we've now moved on to underwear in general, I'll buy in.

The need for 10o% natural fibre underwear. T-shirts seem to be easily covered by this, though many 'cotton' T's have elastic in the neckband to keep the shape, and cotton isn't elastic. Then we move down a bit. What can be called shorts, pants, boxers, nickers, panties, G's, etc.. Many names, many styles. How many of us wear natural fibre garments here? Are they available? Maybe. Are they 100% or do they have some form of elastic in the waistband? How many men wear synthetic boxers? And let's face it, this is one area where most men really don't want to be shrinkwrapped!

My Fire Service has a directive that t-shirts should be 100% cotton. No other garment is mentioned. I think they may have simply ignored the 'nether region' as being just too hard. Oh, and bra's aren't mentioned either.

What do I wear? Cotton T's (mostly). Cotton blend briefs and socks. Cotton shorts or work pants. My single earring never comes out, no time when on my way to a job, too fiddly.

A requiremt that all garments worn under PPE be 100% natural fibre is easy for career FF's, they can be issued the stuff and told 'this must be worn at all times'. Just listen for the screams when an officer says 'Inspection time" (I think the loudest screams here would be from the union). For volunteers it's not feasible - an instance being that many workers have to wear supplied uniforms that aren't cotton.

Perhaps the best way to cover this subjuect, whether it be in 'Standards' or SOP's, would be to say that it's advisable to wear these 'safer' garments. That when possible garments under PPE be non-synthetic. Make it plain and clear that if a person chooses to wear synthetic fabrics that they accept responsibility.

A question. many T-shirts are made from poly-cotton blend fabric, and so are deemed not suitable for wear under PPE. At what temperature will these garments melt onto our skin, or melt and flow, or catch fire? I ask this because of an incident that has occured to me. We were retardent treated cotton jackets for wildfire work. I had a burning ember land on my arm one time, I knew it was there because of my pain sensors - it hurt. The ember had burned through the treated cotton (this fabric didn't flame, it smouldered away) and I felt the heat. My poly-cotton T was totally unmarked. Doaes anyone have handy a list of critical temperatures for differnt fabric types?
As a Female FF, I can honestly tell you that my undies have never been adressed other than someone saying that I'd better be wearing them. NO melting, Flaming bras here!! I generally stick to the standard cotton blend sport style when I'm hanging around waiting on tones...
TRY some uniform stores and try Galls
they will mail you anything UPS or FED EX
and try ACE Uniforms in California,San Diego
Good Luck Sister and Brother.
AFD :o)
Exactly mate! You 'generally stick to the standard cotton blend'. It's the 'blend' that is supposed to cause the problems. What is the cotton blended with? Never having closely examined a sport bra I have no idea what the blend is. Lycra maybe?
I think the crux of the debate isn't cotton-blend versus all-cotton, it's more UnderArmour versus Cotton/Cotton-blend, which of course is not gender specific!

Of course we could all old-fashioned "union suits" and there'd be no worries! :-)

So, this 'Under Armour' is made from? I still think that's where the question lies - not in a brand name but in the manufacture?
Tony, that's my bad. I am using Under Armour to represent all of the Polyester/Elastane or Nylon/Lycra moisture wicking type under garments out there.

It's the same as if I were saying "Coke" to mean "cola flavored carbonated beverage."

You're right, it's not about any brand name, it's about the materiel they are made of. The stuff made form APF is a lot like the UNDER Armour stuff. They have most of the same styles (i.e. body mapping, boxwer briefs, long-sleeve, short sleeve, sports bras, etc.) that Under Armour, Reebok, nike and others produce, but is flame resisant and self-extinguishing.

BTW, I am a long time user of Under Armour products for sports and love their products. It is not an "anti-Under Armour" thing, it's a "pro flame resistant" thing.

I was looking on line for something like this. and I found a website that might be of some help. They have undergarments listed here. And tells you what they are made out of.

Looks like a pretty cool site.
HI, I am a woman in the fire service. I deal with the same issues your wife has. Im constantly looking for a standard cotton bra & i have yet to find one that is not a mix material. I do wear one that is mixed with it being 83% cotton. I have worn this into many structure fires & have never had issues. I have been in several flashover simulators & never had any issues. Doesnt mean the potential is not there but they do sustain up to pretty high heat. If im ever able to find one i would be more than happy to share it with every woman who has the same issue. Unfortunetly we have these issues but it doesnt seem many care because they are not affected with woman issues! Good Luck, hope you can find something
Hey try to email the NFPA they should know
they have most of the Laws we follow
you know what i mean....
they should give you some business's info
I have been fighting fire for more then 14 years and I have never had an issue with my bra melting or catching fire. Unless maybe someone threw it into the parking lot and laid a match to it.
i found this website..its for sports bea though

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