Hello everyone. I am looking to become a volunteer Firefighter in Cheltenham, PA and figured I would drop by and introduce myself. I am curious to hear other volunteers experiences. What are trainings like? Are there any work-out type things I can do to prepare myself to become a volunteer?


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Where do you live at? I have a couple friends I went through FF1 with in cheltenham/Elkins park areas. Training isnt too intense since it is a volunteer gig, and I would tell you that best thing you can do is just get in general shape. Hope you're over 18 so you get to play... otherwise you will be restricted by the laws that govern children. I am a current member and EMS director of trevose fire company in bucks. It is a good time either way. You will make good friends and meet good people. Also would like to comment on such a nice name. You're Irish, you're destined to be eating smoke anyhow.
"Training isnt too intense since it is a volunteer gig"

This line isn't true in the least bit. Training is only as intense as the members and training officer for your respective department make it. While it is good to remember it is a training enviroment, you MUST TRAIN as if it were the REAL DEAL. Thats how you derive the best benefit out of your training. As far as being in shape, be in good health, and work on strength and endurance. You have to be strong to do a lot of firefighting duties (mentally and physically), and you must be able to have endurance. (back to back fires, or a big fire of any kind) Keep your ears open and your mouth shut for a while unless you have a question as to how to do something. You will do fine so long as you make yourself work hard to succeed. You control your own destiny. Remember to train as much as possible, and remember EVERYONE GOES HOME. Be well, and stay safe
Welcomet o ffn Liam. Good luck with getting into a volunteer FD. I am sure you will enjoy it.
To rebut and sort of agree with what your reply says, I wasnt saying that the training is non-existant or easy at that. We train hard and train a lot here, but its the members responsability to do it. We have some members who are hardcore in physical training, and we have most members that are very into fireground tactics and training, but it isnt so hard as to have to be required to pass the CPAT to become a member. We all have a job to do on the fireground or the rescue scene or whatever is needed when the horn blows. We all knows what needs to be done and do it systemmatically as the officers see fit for the given situation. No one should be scared off or out of a station because of the attitude that they must be in the best physical and mental shape of their life. Volunteers give their time and effort to save others life and property. We don't do it to prove we're better.

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