Yes, as sad as it is to actually have to tell them to do this, this is a petition that I will be personally forwarding to every lawmaker in DC until its done.

Here is the link, please sign so we can make Sept 11th a national day of rememberance. The petition says Holiday,but i think it needs to be a day of rememberance with a day off. It should be a day that we all can be with out families and remember those that were lost.

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I'll support that tell I die, we need it as a Fire/EMS day, I signed it Thanks:)
I thought the 11th is patriots day .
i think sept 11 is a day to remember untill the day we die, but a holiday is usualy something we are celebrating, with often a "happy" ending, i think there should be something like mormial day, but not a "holiday"

dont think im dissing 9/11 or the people that died, because im not, i fully respect them and i personaly wont forget that day, i just think holiday is the wrong word
sept 11 is a day to remember am live in NY in the catskill 2 hour from NYC it has to be a Fire/EMS day
Again, i do not think it should be a holiday. I know this is a touch y subject to everyone. I think this day along with everydays should be remembered as a day off for people to actually stop and appreciate what we have in this country. This is not just about the Firefighters and police and medics that we lost. This is about the mothers, the fathers, the sisters, the brothers, daughters and son, that are forever gone. I almost lost my father in the Pentegon, and he was just there for a meeting. Retired military not active. And yes some think that we should just let it alone and let it be. Im sorry, doing that and just letting people get away with stupid decision that they make, is why things like this happen. Im not wanting to have another 4th of July. And yes this was already listed as a "holiday". But im sure as heck not able to spend one more day off with my daughter to teach her about the history of this country. And that is what I do. Its more about telling the idiots that run this country to listen.
I signed it.. It should be a day of remembrance and not a holiday.
I'm sorry for your lose Melissa and keep up the great work:)
almost hun, lol he was pulled out. But thank you anyways.
It's already called, "Patriot Day" on the calendar. And if anything, it will be a day off for the Postal Service and school children. Just like Columbus Day and MLK day. No school but we still have to work. I'm not trying to pee on your parade, but I don't see it happening. Good luck and stay safe!
its ok im to stubborn and hard headed to let things stop me.
thats is a great idea. hope it works. thanks
Let me also make something clear as well. As I was told my a Texas Senetor yesterday, is that the only way that this can become a day off (like labor day) is if it is titled a Holiday but the house and the senate commitee.

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