should the color of fire apparatus be red or lime green? or does it matter? why or why not?

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Our chief worked for FMC in thier fire truck division, while he was there they did a study of what color was the most visible. the answer was lime green, well thats fine but, red trucks are a tradition in the fire service. All of our trucks are red, but I like multiple colors such as black and red with gold accents or red, white and blue. If I had my way the trucks would be red, white and blue with a fire scene on each side.

Be Safe!

All of our trucks used to be red but they changed to "Slime Lime" for better visibility.
Hi James, I am sorry but I am having computer probems and I am playing it day by day but most of all Welcome to FirefighterNation Brother and your probably right with lime green but nobody ever got this changed in the federal government so everyone is all different kinds of colors like we are blue gold and white and we always have been we had one aerial many years that was lime green but that was it thats when the disscussion started but it went nowhere. God Bless You Brother. Your Friend Hughie The 57 House GO PENS!!!! So if I am not on you know I am checking out a new computer.:-):-)
When you think of a fire engine you always think Red. At my fie=rehouse we have Lime green but it all started when we got a really good deal on a truck from another dept along time ago. We are going back to red slowly but surely. I think red and lime green can both be seen good day or night. But it whatever floats ya boat.

We love the blue. I read an article in firehouse Magazine about effective fire apparatus colors, and it said that the lime green was the ideal color for visibility. I feel that if you have enough reflective striping on your apparatus, any color should be ok. Besides, most passerbys driving past, or through the scene aren't paying any attention to the apparatus. They just want to see if they spot any bodies. Sad, but true!

HEY ours are white as well...we just made a lease purchase agreement with pierce for 12 new fire engines and 4 new water tenders... our dept put it to a vote... to keep our tradition with white or change them to red. Chief and i voted red but we were the only ones. Now that the first one is here thu im glad we went with white.
I have a really adorable story about y not to have ur fire apparatus a forrest service green. My ex brother in law who is also a fire fighter/emt went to the beach (monterey, ca) with his family and took my 4 yr old nephew who was 3 at the time. While at the beach a little boy while riding in one of the childs seat things on a bike got his leg caught in the stokes of the bike. My ex brother in law being an emt went over to help. My nephew waited with his grandma until he the boy was loaded in the ambulance and taken away. My ex brother in law called him over too him while he was talking to one of the chief's or captains and pointed to the fire engine and asked "Do u know what that it?" My nephew without missing a beat (also not rehersed) in front of everyone replied, "A baby fire truck!"

A few months later after i had just come off of a wildland fire my nephew was playing with a toy fire truck and was telling me about how he's gonna be a firemen like his daddy. When i asked if he knew that i was also a fire fighter he replied "yes." He went back to playing, but was thinking about what i had asked him. Pretty soon he looked up and said, "Auntie Nell, what color is the girl fire trucks?" I asked what he meant and he goes "well red and yellow r for boys." I simply told him that girls ride in them too and after a few seconds of thinking that over he asked "why?" Then i asked "well if red and yellow are for boys who are white one for?" he once again said "boys" so i then asked "well who are the green ones for?" and he goes, "Babies!"

Moral of the stories if u paint ur fire apparatus a forrest service green or a light green be prepared for children to think they are "baby fire trucks"
Well , I think it's not important to be red ( fire engines / apparatus) , it's depend on the rules & systems on the state or the country.
You have got to be kidding me!
I don't think it matters what color the Apparatus is I mean as long as someone can tell what it is It shouldn't matter. our departments apparatus is Red and White but... Pueblos Fire Departments Apparatus is Lime Green.
Personally I like the Lime Green Trucks. I think they can be seen better. And they just look good!!!!
that's what i'm talkin about!!

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