I was just wondering what peoples thoughts/department SOG's were on wearing bunker gear, ambulance crew/fire crew, on the scene of vehicle accidents. In my department's SOG's it states "Bunker gear is required for personal injury accidents", yet there are some who refuse to wear it when they respond on the squad(ambulance) because they have reflective vests or jackets. Me personally I wear my bunker gear and a refective vest no matter what truck I respond in.

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When we done rescue before we put our rescue gloves on we would put on our exam gloves under them so we would not absorb bbp and at multiple victim accidents we put on two or three pair so it was strip off a pair and go to next victim. Oh yes and always full ppe
Wear it always. Better safe than sorry.
DUST - just saw your reply. I see the humour, I suppose I'm a little toucher because I have seen some poor t-shirts worn by people at incidents - and seen people told to put their jackets back on because of it!

Joke noted :)
Generally, in our department, if you are doing STRICTLY EMS and you will be well away from the vehicles involved and the roadway, plain clothes and BSI precautions are allowable however if you are anywhere near the car, you must be in full turnouts. If you're directing traffic, vests and/or PPE. We have the tear-away vests for federal highways but we generally try to shut down roadways now, at least until we can manage the scene.

We had an extended extrication/recovery today after a driver tried to beat a train. Command counted out his team for extrication and sent everyone else home. We were all in full PPE plus many of us had BSI precautions as well.

A lot of gear went through the wash later back at the hall.

I'm not sure you can ever be too safe on a scene.
Full ppe is required for all calls and responses in my dept.The only exception is if the OIC tells you to doff your bunkers due to heat mainly.While working an MVA or any type of call on any road, highway, etc we are required to wear the 5 point breakaway vests.In my area fire and ems are seperate and both have different SOP's that are driven by insurance guidelines.As a firefighter i am only covered in FULL PPE aka my bunkers however the ems is covered while only wearing their jumpsuits.While at an MVA a stray car may strike an EMT (in jumpsuit) and firefighter (only in a vest or bunker pants) and the insurance runs the chance or rejecting the claim on the firefighter.
How messed up is that??????????
same with my dept.also bunker gear and vest!
We require a Minimum of Brush Coat, Helemt and Safety Vest, altho the old timers just put on the helmets. But, the rookies/nozzelmember are required to wear full structure PPE's. Explorers can choose either brush coat and helmet, or Full turnouts. I do full turnouts. that way is there is a fire, i can grab a line and not have to rush to get all my stuff on while the rookie or someone else grabs a line.
twice sir. Once it was a small little thing, and the other was the whole engine Compartment caught fire. Both times me and the rookie had on Full PPE's and got the fire out.
About the whole lighter coat thing. We use our Brush Coats mostly. smaller and thinner, and tend to be less dirty and brighter than out structure coats.
I had my brush coat and helmet in the back of my car for a while. Since i was riding out almost everyday its was just easier to keep it in my trunk rather than going back and forth from my post station to where-ever i was riding out at.

It came in handy 3 times. 2 for MVA's and 1 for a structure fire that i happen to roll up on. Threw it on, called dispatched gave a prelim size up and got everyone far back. even tho i was in lacrosse shorts, people listend to me.
my dept. responds to every call except search and rescue with our bunker gear.
Any call to service requires full ppe.

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