I was just wondering what peoples thoughts/department SOG's were on wearing bunker gear, ambulance crew/fire crew, on the scene of vehicle accidents. In my department's SOG's it states "Bunker gear is required for personal injury accidents", yet there are some who refuse to wear it when they respond on the squad(ambulance) because they have reflective vests or jackets. Me personally I wear my bunker gear and a refective vest no matter what truck I respond in.

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same with my dept!
I wear my bunker gear on all vehicle accidents whether Im on the ambulance, heavy rescue truck or the engine. We're required to wear the bunker gear and reflective vests that we are issued.
We are primary rescue and our sog states minimum PPE to be a helmet (either our rescue or structural) drill pants and shirt with the sleeves rolled down, GP gloves a reflective vest and eye/ear protection when on the tools. We have to have 1 FF in full structural with BA on and a charged line of 38 for fire protection. But 30-40 degree celcius heat, no shade and structural gear would be a disaster. Size the job up. There is no need to wear structural gear to every call or MVA. "thats why they give it to you wear it"?? They give you structure gear to wear in a structure fire. We will often wear structural pants if the patient is messy, we also have the coice of a structural or rescue jacket (or just our work shirts) and both helmets. Its all in size up. If the car is smoking and there is fuel every where, sure I'd be in structure gear but 90% of the time it is not needed.
Cheers, Chris.
Our department if you are on the Engine responding to an MVA you must wear PPE. If you are on the Ambulance
Only regular universal precautions and refective vests are required.
The way I see it is if the "stinkey stuff hits the rotating thing" then I would be glad I had my gear on. rite.. But on the other hand I feel (in my personal opinion) the new vest rule is a bit of overkill. The turnout gear has enough reflective trim on it to do the job and if your traffic controll is doing there job and your rigs are positioned correctly then why do you need more.. But otherwise I personally wear my gear on every call..
Our sog/sop like many departments require us to be in full gear on all accidents. Not only are we in full gear, we also are required to wear ansi certified reflective vests on all accidents. Our ems are also required to wear the ansi vests and helmet when working in or around the vehicle
In my city firefighters wear their bunker gear to MVAs when they respond in the truck. The people who respond in the squad dont wear their gear though.
For us it's full PPE PERIOD! Another thing is trying to explain it to the insurance company why your firefighter wasn't wearing his PPE.When I see our neighboring departments with no protection on with some of the calls we assisted them with, it blows my mind.Hello----sharp metal,broken glass,fluids,and potential fire/explosion.As far as vest goes,if you are performing extrication you don't have to wear a vest.It's when your done performing extrication and hanging around,the vest must be on.

I'm not really into wearing that uncomfortable bunker gear so I keep one of these t-shirts in my pov to slip on when I role up on a mva...
In my Brigade, somebody wearing a t-shirt like that would be told to keep a jacket on. Not considered appropriate for anything official.
Our SOG's state turnout gear is to be worn at all MVAs. This includes tear-a-way safety vests. We have made exception to those who are away fron the actual scene (like doing traffic, or working a rehab area, etc.) These people must still wear the vests.

Tony P,

That was me trying to be funny, man!

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