I was just wondering what peoples thoughts/department SOG's were on wearing bunker gear, ambulance crew/fire crew, on the scene of vehicle accidents. In my department's SOG's it states "Bunker gear is required for personal injury accidents", yet there are some who refuse to wear it when they respond on the squad(ambulance) because they have reflective vests or jackets. Me personally I wear my bunker gear and a refective vest no matter what truck I respond in.

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Some of our members have to use there bunker gear and some of us have extrication gear. So you have to wear one or the other.
We are required to wear bunker gear on all MVC's no matter what. You never know what can happen better to be over prepared then under prepared for me atleast.
I believe your bunker gear should be worn for a number of reasons. The first one being the protection from bodily fluids and other hazardous material that could be coming from the vehicle. A second reason being the added protection from broken glass and sharp edges that may be laying around. a third reason is the reflective material on your gear can help you be visible while on scene, especially if it is a night response.
Yes full PPE is worn on all motor vehicle collisions; this includes responding in our FD based ambulance.
We also have the new regulation vests that we also where over our full PPE.
Our SOG's state bunker gear for everything except traffic control duties remote from accident site. Traffic vests are to be worn for all duties except active fire attack w/ SCBA. Mr Murphey really doesn't care if it's 4 AM or 4 PM. We need to do everything we can to protect our folks including wearing gear, limiting access to the scene (traffic control) etc. I don't like to have to consider discipline but if somebody flat out refuses to wear the appropriate gear then for everyone's safety their actions need to be corrected...no exceptions.
our sog 's state that all personell will be in full ppe and of course the new vest. our department found it easier to leave our vest on our coats and then take them off before leaving for structure fire.
MVC's We wear Extrication Gear or Bunker Gear
Structure Fires We wear Bunker Gear
High angle Rescue We wear the appropriate PPE

A Cop wouldnt dream about going on his beat without his Vest and Gun..
I wouldnt dream about getting off the truck without My gear
Wear Your Armor ...

In the smoke.. In the Flame.. In the blackhelmet
Sgt.Bobby J King
Firefighter/Rescue and Hazmat Tech.
provided there is no fire, we only wear our bunker pants to a MVA, altough we also carry our jacket and do have reflective vests that we wear when its pitch black
We wear full turnouts w/ SCBA's... We don't hook our air of course unless we need it but, I feel this should be mandatory for everyone's safety!!! But, that's my opinion....
In my dept. we wear full ppe, Helmet, Coat, Bunker pants, Gloves, Highway Vest over top of coat all the time. Day or night.
MMMMMMMMMMMMM Lets say u r working a MVC and u dont have gear on. A car coming down the road hits u because u dont have reflective gear on. And now the car catches fire. I think I might want my Dept. to wear gear. Besides that is why laws and tax payers give u gear. So lets use it.
We are required to wear our ppe out on all mva calls from a mitagation to a full blown accident. And the reflective vests on everything unless it is a fire or haz-mat where the vests could be a danger to us. You are only doing harm to yourself not being in your ppe. At the end of the day, do we want to take the stuff we come in contact with home to our Kids, Wives, Husbands, Ya get the picture.........

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