Ok, I don't want to start any arguments here, I'm just looking to get your point of views! There are guys and gals in every dept. that are what we concider "whackers" you know who they are by their cars and belts (enough lights to eluminate a small city, and more stuff than on Batman's utility belt)
What I'm getting at is, if they have the same certs as anyone else and they follow the rules or traffic laws, in your opinion are they a help or hinderance to the company? Keep in mind before posting, I am asking for opinions, everyone is entitled to their own!

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We call them "dingers"........

Derived from the definition "whacker" however the term "dinger" is used more commonly in upstate NY.

Any EMT Firefighter, Rescue worker who enjoys their job simply for the pleasures of:

A - Hearing their own voice on the radio
B - Using the lights and sirens on the ambulance/firetruck
C - Using lights and sirens on their personal vehicle
D - A lifetime subscription to Galls because of the sheer amount of stuff ordered from them
E - Having more stuff on their workbelt then Batman
F - Only showing up (whether they were dispatched or not) for 'good' calls (car rollovers, structure fires, High angle rescues)

Look at how many lights enter name has on his car what a DINGER
Damn it man I was gonna do that! And we call em, in no special order.

1. WooWoo's
2. Ate Up with IT!
3. my personal fave..."freakin maroon!"
Well, although I'm a rather sane human being, IF my fire dept allows us to install emergency lights on our vehicles, I'd probably be the one you would consider a "Whacker". Last time I pondered lights on my rig, I dreamed up about 10 LED light heads (small ones, 3 or 4 diodes) about the my '01 Dodge 2500. I'm "inspector Gadget" to most here. I'm one of the more senior and highest trained folks on staff, I don't let it go to my head.

So personal opinion, it's not the stuff you carry or have on you or your vehicles, it's the mindset of the person who has it.

My reason for so many lights, stupid drivers. Placed right, they provide effective 360 degree lighting.
You know you're a whacker if... the inside of your car looks like this:

(and no, it's not my car...)
Wonderful pic! Are you sure it's not yours Joe?

And to think, sometimes I find it easy to grab the wrong mic when there are only 2 in the truck....
LOL, I hope they carry a fire extinguisher in there too...looks like an electrical nightmare!
No, it's not mine... but I have driven a car that has almost as much "stuff" in it within the last 30 days. It belongs to one of our members... oops better not say any more!
You drew up a wiring schematic too, didn't you?
Come on; admit it.
You took some graph paper, used different colored pens and connected the dots.
Forget the lights. Stupid drivers will hit you anyway.
If you really want to get mileage out of your money, I have two words for you;
That way, they bounce off with minimal damage to the vehicle.
Think about it. Draw it up.
You'll like it!
He is obviously a weather spotter.
Pepsi cup was the giveaway.
Hey they are alright if you can control them. The rule of the lights here is that the truck or car has to be worth more than the lights. Dont laugh i have seen a $1200 light bar on a $100 truck. It is a little embarrassing when it is at your fire.


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