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I was in the Army for a long time. We used to receive something called a Challenge Coin when in the eyes of a supervisor, you did something outstanding. The Challenge Coin works like this:
You go to the pub after work, and the Bros are there. You take your Challenge Coin and drop in on the Bar. If no one can produce theirs, and drop it, they owe you a drink. If they produce it and drop it, they countered your challenge and you owe them a drink.
I am a LT in a 2 Engine house. I would like to purchase some out of the house fund, so we can award the members. Does anyone have a company or point of contact? I would apprecitate it. Be safe!
Russ Chapman
Milford, CT

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Thank you very much!
I was going to suggest Blackinton as well but I see LC beat me to it. I have a few from different US&R task forces around the country and I am planning on purchasing some for SC-TF1 this year. I think it's a great idea and a way to say you're part of an elite team without being a "whacker" about it (see someone else's post).
Here is a link to a company that produces Fire Department Challenge Coins.
Good Luck!

north west territorial mint will make coins. they also have stock coins. nice stuff
Try they do good work.
I have an EMS one that I carry in my bunker coat pocket and on IMERT deployments. It has the SOL on one side and the EMT's prayer on the other. I know the company I got has one for FFs as well which I want to get for the members of my regional recruit class that will be joining my department. The company sells the stock, non-custom FF ones for about $10 or $12 bucks plus tax and shipping. The company is called I dont work for them so this isnt a plug for that company, its just one of the first places I had seen the EMS and fire coins. They put out a nice, solid heavy feeling coin with nice enamel work. I havent had it that long and it hasnt been in my pocket in a fire yet, so i dont know how the enamel will hold up, but....

I also have one that was given to me by a Navy Corpsman which is one of my prized possessions. Im starting to collect them, but it can be a slow process since they are given to you and you dont just go out and buy them on your own. I think rescuetees even makes a little display case for them. If you are thinking of custom designing one, however, plan on spending around a $1000 to have the first coin struck, front and back, any special engraving and the having each coin struck. But as I say, there are some nice stock ones out there and its a really special feeling to get one of these for a job well done.
My F.D. has issued challenge coins twice. Once when we opened Station #3 in August of 2008 for those who participated, then later they issued every member of the Department a coin with our logo on one side and the Firefighters' Prayer on the other and each FF's badge number engraved on it.

As for companies that make challenge coins, try- or

Stay safe!
you can probably get the cheaper version from robert company or collectable tees.
Never even heard of them but i will check out to start at my station Thanks for info guys

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