My department has 1 truck, 1 squad, 2 engines, and a brush unit (not including the boat and BLS). We're not assigned to one specific peice so i have the opportunity to get a taste of everything. Just wondering what everyone else does, whether it be one specific duty like being on the pipe, or being able to do a little of everything.

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Hi Jenn,

We have 1 pumper (crew cab 5 places), 1 pumper/tanker (3000 gal.), 1 pumper/ladder, 1 rescue walk-in, 1 services vehicule (extrication squad, command center & FF transport). We can drive any vehicule but usually you must be a operator, like pump operator to drive the unit on the scene. same thing for the ladder... I often drive the rescue truck and sometimes the ''687'' Command Center.

Check on my page, i put the picture of my FD.

Take care.
In my volunteer dept we do iron man firefighting with no specific ride assingments. We run 4 engines, 95' Tower ladder, tanker, Rescue, brush truck, and two ambulances with a EMS Gator and a 6-wheeler for brush responses both on trailers.
We do an average of 700 EMS runs and 400 fire calls a year.
I usually try to get on the engine and try for the nozzle as I am an engine man at heart!!
In my department everyone is crossed trained, we have 1 rescue unit ( 2000 chevy silverado 350 gallons of water) with 2 sets of jaws, 1 hazmat/rescure unit (1991 Ford Econoline van) for specialized rescues, 2 brush trucks ( 2 1999 chevy Silverado HD3500 Flatbeds with 400 gallons of water a piece), 2 engines ( 1978 Seagrave 500 gallons & 1991 Ford Boardman Pumper 900 gallons), 2 heavy brush/tanker trucks (1995 GMC 1100 gallon Tank & and 1981 Kaiser 1000 gallon tank), and 1 5,000 gallon tanker (1996 Volvo Tractor Trailer w/tank). Its pretty much first come first serve but everyone has there favorite truck I prefer 3 ( rescue, engine, and 5,000 gallon tanker) my department i'm a firefighter II / Quartermaster so I keep the trucks going and am a field officer.
My department has 1 pumper tanker/ 1 engine/ 2 tankers/ 1 mini pumper-rescue/ 1 rescue-brush truck/ 2 brush trucks. we are a rural department so it is first come first serve. But most of the time we don't have enough people to fill the trucks.
Fr DETROIT been on the job over twenty years-i have done truck,engine and squad work-like truck the most i'm on the squad right now thinking about going back 2 the engine we r busy in detroit that all I can say,STAY SAFE EVERYONE ........................................................................................................................................
the dept. im on consist of 3 engines 1 quint 2 ambulances and 1 forestry my favorite is to ride on the newest pumper we have but im alway riding the quint cuase thats the 2nd due on calls and im only an explorer
my dept has 1-105' ladder/pumper, 1 rescue pumper w/jaws and all other rescue equipment, 1 pumper with small jaws on it as a backup to the rescue(this also does all our structure responses to), 1 brush unit with an atv-brush unit and 1 reserve pumper. we have specific assignemnts as which unit goes on which call, but other that that it s first come first serve as far as where you ride or drive.
hey hear in hanover twp fire dept from PA we have 1 new rescue 1 new water rescue 2 boats 5 engines a new ladder on the way 1 brush truck and when were at the station we have 2 pick what we wont 2 ride then u have 2 stick 2 that 1 and cant swith at all so i always love 2 be on the rescue
We have a engine, 2 rescues, a ladder, squad, brush truck and a ATV. But i am assigned to the engine and the 2nd rescue
What do I ride? A Triumph 900 Sprint. Three cylinder sport/tourer.
On my main gig in Topeka I ride ariel 5 unless I am shipped out due to staffing but on my part time job in the county at each of the three stations in our district we roll 2 engines 2 tankers 1 or 2 brush trucks 1 rescue and 1 squad. But my favorite is the ariel hands down.
im on a volunteer department myself and theres no assigned jobs you take whatever is left when you get to the hall or take your personal vehicle

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