hey guys i have a paper due for my HAZMAT class... its about the fist law law in US that details Hazardous material and the first law passed in US in regards of HAZMAT if anyone can help me please respond to this or E-mail me at nazy911@gmail.com

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Hello from Santa Barbara, Your post is somewhat nebulous Nazy... The first law in the US detailing hazmat has been mentioned twice here... I'd love to help you but you need to be specific.

If I was to guess about which law(s) that you need to find information about, I would say it was in 1986 when the United States Congress passed the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (SARA).

There's a lot to Title III of SARA as far as the endless listing of required things that folks have to comply with if they are storing, using, handling or shipping hazardous materials. This ties in the beginnings for each state to develop ways to deal with releases of hazardous mateirals. This law also, among other things, required that the governor of each state appoint an Emergency Response Commission. This is what got everything started. I hope this is helpful. Good luck on your report.
thank you Michael. i know the subject is not really clear how ever this is what our professor gave us. i will contact him and try to find out a more specific and detail Question. hopefully you could definitely help me then.
again thx alot
There were actually some hazmat regs that pre-dated the 1986 Superfund legislation.

The old Civil Defense Hazarous Materials "A", "B", and "C" classes covered these. They were around in the late 1970's.

There were also some laws written regarding hazmat after the Waverly TN BLEVE and the Youngstown, FL chlorine derailment in 1978.

Here's an online power point that includes information about these and other hazmat incidents that may help. http://www.iprr.org/HazMatdocs/GEBMO.ppt/sld001.htm

The EPA has excellent information about the RCRA ( Resource Conservation and Recovery Act)and its history at: http://www.access.gpo.gov/uscode/title42/chapter82_.html

RCRA is primarily a solid waste law, but it regulated hazardous materials disposal.

There are plenty of other web sites with pertinent information...just Google "Hazardous Materials laws regulations history"
Ben, So now I'm curious about what this professor wants, is it Title III of SARA or something else as you eluded too? We will just have to wait for Nazi to give us the answer... have a great weekend! Mike
Here's another pretty good history site - scroll down to the 1970's section.

FEMA was created by federal legislation in 1979 - largely in response to the various big railroad derailments with hazmat releases listed above, plus a bromine release in Rockwood, TN that I'd forgotten about.


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