I was wandering if it was just me or does some people agree that certain thngs s turning this site into a myspace I mean this place s supposed to be a place were firefghters connect and stay upon agreements who else shares my opinon.

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I'm not sure exactly what you mean. For the most part everyone I've seen on here are Firefighters, or EMSers. Most topics are FF/EMS related and those that aren't specifically about that are discussions between FF/EMSers on those topics (i.e. "husband" in forums right now is FFs giving advice to a Sister about a personal problem directly related to her being a FF, and the group "firefighters with bikes" is for and about FF who ride motorcycles).

Please explain what you mean, because I'm not sure where you're coming from on this.
yes and no. There are profiles on here, from people who are not with any emergency services. Thats a My space thing. Should be by emegency personnel for emergency personnel.
So far I have only seen one topic on here that was not about any type of emergency service or that wasn't from anyone in the emergency service. But I think that we should not keep this to just strictly about firefighter or e.m.s. stuff because maybe some ff's or e.m.s personel want to talk about something beside the job that they do 24/7 and just talk about everyday things or problems. I think that this should be a site where e.m.s and ff's can come and just relax and talk about what ever they want. The only topics I think that we should keep off of here are topics like "I got into an arguement or fight with another kid on the bus and she/he hurt my feelings.". That is the sort of thing that should be on myspace. I also think that this site should be for the family member's of e.m.s. or ff's, so that maybe they can learn how to deal and cope with certain issues of a loved one being in this service.
i totally agree with you wesley king ........this is for firefighters and e.m.s. workers and i dont see a problem or anything for the family members of the people who are out here fighting fires and trying too save lives too join and too try too get a better insight of what there husband,son,or daughter is doing out here in this world at all hours of the night and what we all face on each and every call . and yes i have posted my msn messanger address here for anyone who would like too chat about anything about there profession even Jr. members i have spent 21 years in this field and it gives me a great feeling knowing i can pass down what i know too anyone who needs it.and i know i dont know each and everyone of you all personally but you all are brothers and sisters too me.there isnt much people out here in this world that would do what we do and crawl out of bed at all hours like we do and from what i see now this website was made for each and everyone of us too chat too each other about problems or get advise pertaining our professional life.but like i say and always will say "this is my opinion"

thank you all for your time

Lt. Michael A. Perkins
Fire Department
Rescue Squad
Infectionist Control Officer
I also agree with Wesley King, and a side note, I am 100% for people that are not in the fire or ems field joining, if they are seriously interested in what we do and why!


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