Really need to start doing more things with the Jr. Because were not learning anything with you guys telling us to do the same things everyweek. I think its time to leard something new.

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Well, what things do you do every week?
Really, All we ever do, is clean the trucks, learnwear everything is, How to put the air packs back on to holder, And if were lucky We get to use foam pack. We only once had a drill were they actually trye to teach us how to do something, But it was only the jaws, and our fire hosue didnt teach us. It was an mandatory class. For members and Jrs.
Are you to the point where you can list the equipment on each truck by compartment on a blank sheet of paper? And know what each thing is used for? Might be a good "Junior exercise".

Just a comment about the jaws - we have saved more people with the jaws than we have from burning buildings. If you get trained up and become competent with the use of that tool you will be a great asset to any department.
In order to have an accreditted junior program, certain benchmarks have to be met.
What does the charter say about what you have "learned"?
Juniors have to be sponsored.
Have you discussed your concerns with your sponsor?
Do you know the purpose and function of each tool on the truck? Can you list all the tools, in which compartment they are stored, and why? Do you know how to use the jaws correctly? If you can, you are on your way to being an asset to the department and a good firefighter
Stay safe
Cutty're absolutely right! There really needs to be more going on with the Junior Firefighters!
In fact, there are many training evolutions that juniors can and should be participating in. The Essentials of Firefighting manual provides many examples of hands-on training exercises that should be taught to ALL fire personnel (yes, everyone...whether they be active, support, or juniors) and most of these evolutions can be practiced in a few hours on your drill night.

On an incident scene (where juniors are permitted) many support tasks can be handled by juniors; such as: ground ladders, water supply, tool retrieval, exterior salvage support, setting up scene lighting, hose lays and pick-up, as well as, exterior fire suppression.

While I realize that juniors have limitations as to what they can do (as far as the Child Labor Laws), there should be an effort made to get them AND KEEP THEM involved and interested in the fire service. In our department, juniors are VERY MUCH a critical part of our operation. They are considered an important part of our team and without them we would be at a tremendous loss!

Shelby, hang in there, girl... keep lettin' them know you want to learn and do...more!

Everyone has to get through the basic, admittedly boring, stuff in order to get to the cool stuff.

When you get discouraged, think of the Kirate Kid!

Everytime you're cleaning the Enignes, or putting the air packs on the rack, think of Daniel Larrosso Waxing Mr. Miagi's cars ..."Wax on...Wax off." And all of the sudden it was second nature and he knew the movement so well he didn't have to think about it.

That's what your station leaders are trying to get you to able to do tasks without thinking about them...

Talk with your mentor and chellenge him or her...can you do the things they want you to do without thinking about them? Do you practice in your spare time? If you can, then they need to move on with you. If you can't then you need to master the universe and nail the drill...time after time!!!

I know it's hard to understand until you do it, but once you master the task, it's like Luke Skywalker and the Force takes you over when you're doing the drills. Master the drills you have today and Yoda will step it up a notch.

I know, I know....Zen firefighting. But trust me, it works. Master one baby-step and then you take the next baby-step and before you know it you're up at Lake Winnipesaukee, and you're're sailing!
In my world of risk management, I look at people who are in a hurry as people who will have their accident quicker.
When we hurry, we miss things. We leave out important details. We key in on certain words and miss the message.
Show some patience.
hi shelby
i agree if your feeling this way ...... but i agree with the other senior members too. i started out as a Jr. member and it has been 21 years of service so far.and try doing what the other senior members mentioned .i know at our fire dept. we take adn have control burns that we let our Jr's on the lines too get some hands on training fighting a real fire but we also pair them up with one of our senior members or a officer. you might want too check with your dept. too see if they allow control burns and what there policy is about allowing Jr members too train during a control would be a great way too get the Jr's into the program of fighting fires plus if something happens too a senior member on a line outside of a house and theres just a Jr. member around him/her they could help out til another senior member gets too them. but check into it and plus as far as the JAWS if you are trained too use them thats great and will benifit you and your dept. cause you never know how many extration techs. you will need on a mvc with intrapment. if you have anymore qeustions please feel free too give a hollor

Lt.Michael A. Perkins
Infectionist Control Officer
Oakwood Vol. Fire & Rescue
Shelby, I have one question for you....

Before I go there, let me tell you about me. I have been a firefighter for 18 years, was Chief of the County Rescue Squad for 3 years, am currently a Lieutenant and the training officer within a combination department, Haz-Mat Tech, Trench and Confined space certified, Level 1 instructor, arson investigator and about 10 more certifications to go with those.

How did I learn?

By doing the same thing over and over until I got it right. You said you go over the trucks, thats great, if someone needs something you should know where it is at all times. Wash the trucks, I ask every recruit class I teach "Why do we wash a Firetruck?" The answer is "Because it's a Firetruck."

Learn what your taught and be the best at it and you will get the oppertunity to learn more. If they keep telling you the same thing and making you do the same stuff, maybe you need to learn about it some more.

Ron Maddox
in my explorer post we learn something new every week and get to actullay do it like search and rescue,cpr,agillity courses, hose lays ....
Hey i was there once, I helped start my Jr. Program now that i am 18 i am a firefighter/ 911 dispatcher. i started right there where you are now. i roled hoseeee and did that some more. washed more trcuks then i can count. but let me tell you it pays off.!

Firefighter / dispatcher 14

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