Who should be in charge of the apparatus while responding to the scene?

This topic comes up when I am assigned to engineer. I believe that the engineer should have the say what goes on inside the cab while the vehicle is in motion. My reason is if your involve in a wreck who is going to be sited. In a case that happen in a county next to mine a quint responding code 3 T-Boned a car a killed the occupants inside. The driver tried in court for the deaths, and the local media covered the story only on the driver. My understanding is that the officer riding in the appropriate seat was not charged or any actions taken. Only internal. With this accident speed was a factor and responding to a general alarm drop. Looking for opinions on this and if some dept's have SOG's on the topic.

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The Officer is responsible for the orders of the truck. He will advise of what route should be taken, what to look for upon arrival at the scene and position of the apparatus at the scene. He is in command of the apparatus. However the Engineer is responsible for the safety of the responding and returning apparatus. It is his/her job to make sure the orders get carried out in an safe manner and provide the environment for the crew to get the job done
I guess it depends on what you mean by being in charge. As an officer I feel it is my reasonability to control the speed of the response depending on the situation at hand. The driver is ultimately responsible for his actions. For example if an officer instructed the engineer to speed up and he felt this was unsafe it is with in his right to question and act accordingly. It is a fine line indeed but it is the officer's responsibility for proper placement of the vehicle to ensure the success of the operation. So the answer I guess is the driver is responsible to maintain that the engine arrives in a safe manner obeying all traffic conditions, while the officer is in charge of the route, placement an operation.
As an Engineer driving to a call, you are ultimately responsible to get the apparatus to the call in a safe mannor.
The Officer should be concerned with what is being said over the radio so that he knows what he, and his crew
needs to do when they arrive on the seen. It's just plain commin sense.
oh so agreed, the engineer the fire officer, anyone sitting along side of the driver that one higher up then the driver and second the passenger seat everyone know is left for the officer/engineer in charge. and he should have the truck and the driver under control thats why he;s there. tell him slow down only 100th alarm today. it's clear to go into the intersection.
what happened internally anything?
Every post on here is correct, If your driving the apparatus it is totally to be under your control at all times, no exceptions or excuses, and everyone in it riding with you should understand what you expect of them when your operating the vehicle. " Your like the catcher on a baseball team,you control the game" a quote from Andy Etchebaren, former Balto. Orioles catcher, I was 9 years old when I heard that gem. If you wreck it and they find you were operating the vehicle in and unsafe manor including speeding and some one is injured or die's as a result of your inatentiveness or lack of due reguard for anothers safety you will be charged, and can be found guilty of
Criminal Negligence, I don't know the penalties for that but it cannot be very plesant.
Hey Drew; No judgements from me just a few question ok here we go who is in charge of your company? who is responseable for the apparatus while in motion? Drew from my point of view and remeber I am a chief the officer should make sure that all aboard the apparatus are ready to go before the rig moves and that the driver has a clear view out all windows that they need before the rig moves that is how this Chief see's things the co"s job is safety always for the firefighters and the public
Chief Don Horn
I AGREE.....It is the engineers beast and he is IN CHARGE!!!! Just like when I was a rookie. If I needed to study a tool or what was in a compartment...I went to the engineer and asked if I could play with his toys!!!!!
Blaa, Blaa, Blaa.....you're wrong!
The Officer In the Apparatus is in charge of that Apparatus. It is His duty to make sure that Apparatus and Crew is doing everything right.
Unfortunatley, on the legal aspect, the driver is the one responsible if anyting were to happen. But, at the same time as far as morals go, it is the responsibility of every crew member that steps foot on that apparatus to ensure each others saftey. If the driver is not being safe, then it is the job of the highest ranking officer on board to remedy the issue. The driver has the responsibility to drive safley and know the limitations of the equipment, and his or her driving abilities. Guys, as a fellow friend and firefighter of mine always says, "Murphy is the only one that makes it on every truck." Accidents do happen, but it is our responsibility to be safe.

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