well im new here lol i found this when i was on my myspace. well im a non active firefighter due to im in the U.S Army i leave for Fort Knox Jan. 7 for basic for 3 1/2 months then off to eather Korea, Germany, or i stay at Fort Knox. umm mmmm what els to say.... well i dont know i love helping people and love to fight fires!!

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Welcome to ffn. Good luck in basic. Stay safe out there.
Well i could have gone in as a firefighter but the dont do shit on base so i wanted to do some thing fun so im a crew member on a M1 Abrams Tank.... hehehe i get to blow things up.
Who ever told you that gave you bad information. I spent four years in the Army as a firefighter. I was stationed in Ft. Wainwright AK. That is in Fairbanks, and Down at Ft. Rucker in AL. We were busy at both instolations. You worked a 24 hour on/ 24 hour off schedule with a kelly day on the seventh day of work so if your kelly day was on friday then when you would of gone to work you were off giving you a three day off break. (Thurs,Fri, & Sat.) We had both structual and aviation commitments, so we rotated. we also responded to off post fires with the local fire department. I recieved so of the best fire training in my life while in the military. The fire training schools are cunducted by the air force at Shepard AFB. in TX. but when I was in we went to Chanute AFB in IL. By the time you finish you MOS training you are a Certified FFI & II, Cert Haz Mat OPs level and a Frist responder.
:O wow i didnt know that!! ooooooo sounds like fun! but ill have to wait a year if i want to change jobs. but thanks for the info!!!!
I'm pretty sure everyone, Army/ Air Force all go to Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX for thier ff training now.
Jeromy I am sure you are right on the name of the base (airplane patch) in texas, and I was wrong. I probably graduated fire school before you where born, and at that time it was in Chanute AFB in IL. Shepard AFB stuck in my mind, But now that you said Goodfellow I do think that is where they moved it to sometime in the 1980's But no matter where it is the Air Force operated one of the best fire academies I ever attended. I even volunteer to re-enlist if I could get a slot to go back for their rescue school, But at that time the Army could not get slots for advances training classes. Thank for setting an old guy staight.
The only reason I know it's Goodfellow is because I leave for basic at Lackland AFB then its on to Goodfellow for 13 weeks of Fire Protection Apprentice training. I can't wait. Being a career firefighter has been a dream of mine since I was old enough to start a fire, I mean put out a fire. :)
Hooah! Good luck with basic. I served 8 years as an Army MP. Got to see the JSA in Korea. Other than that I never got out of the U.S. Stay safe!
Welcome to Firefighter Nation. May the Lord be with you and please come home safely and I can never thank you and everyone else that is protecting our great country with their lives . I want you to know that I am with you all the way and Thanks for giving us the freedoms and liberties that we are so blessed to have. God Bless You and all the soldiers.Hughie The 57 House Irwin,PA GO STEELERS AND GO PENS AND GO PANTHERS AND GO NITTANY LIONS !!!!!!!!
Welcome to the nation. Good luck brother. The Abrams is an awesome machine. I have to say that I bleed infantry blue, but I do admire the sheer power that a tank has to offer (the big bullets!). I wanted to add this next part just because the topic is up here. One of my friends was recently told by a recruiter that they would not be able to join the army and be a firefighter. The information given by the recruiter was that the MOS is being phased out and that they are replacing the Army firefighters with contracted firefighters on the bases. But if you've received different information, the best of luck to you with that. That would be awesome. Go Army. Stay Safe.
Hey Scott, Stay Safe and watch yourself. We need all the Ohio Firefighters we can get.
Welcome to Fire Fighter Nation, You be careful and Thank You.

Be Safe
The Georgetown FD

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