Stealing Shipboard Firefighting Tactics (Eductors) for an Alternative Water Supply *UPDATED*

Stealing tactics and equipment used in shipboard firefighting, we can use the same eductor that is used to de-water shipboard firefighting water (prevents the boat from capsizing) to draft water out of a backyard swimming pool. I've done it and it works really well. Of course this eductor is considerably larger and heavier than the one shown in the video. But the output makes it a great tool to put in the box. All water tenders should have one of these.

Update: Thank's to Engineco613, a prior discussion about a commercially available water eductor called the TurboDraft can be accessed by clicking here.

When you use the eductor to get water out of a swimming pool, you have to keep in mind that your are limited to about 200-feet maximum hose lay from the engine based on that being the standard lateral load that is used in the evolution.

Click this link to get a more descriptive step by step explanation of this new concept, (or at least I think it's new because I've never heard anyone else talk about it)... Swimming Pools and Water Eductors

Manufacturer Suggested Uses – Fire Departments
1. Wild land Structure Protection

2. Drafting water from remote water supply

3. Dewatering basements, boats, tanks, etc.

4. Refilling Strike team

Manufacturer Suggested Uses – Marine Departments

1. Keeping bottoms dry during tank or 
hold washing operations.

2. Pumping water out of holds during 
firefighting operations.

3. Regular or emergency pumping of liquids or 
liquids with suspended particles from ballast, bilge, cargo spaces, pits, etc.

L.A. County Fire Department Model furnished with:

» Discharge Coupling as shown 2½” NST Male

» Inlet Coupling 1½” NST “F” swivel

» Non Return Flapper Type Check Valve

» Suction Strainer – Barrel type

S-Type Eductor Tip 000
About the 1 1/2-Inch (S-Type) Eductor
NSN 4320-00-217-0938
(Eductor, 1 1/2 In, 1 1/2 In Inlet X 2 1/2 In outlet)


The 1 1/2-inch eductor is fabricated from a highly durable bronze metal and is made in the shape of an off-set half “U.” It is designed with a 1 1/2-inch NPSH swivel water inlet, a 2 1/2-inch male NH water discharge connection with a foot valve, a 2 1/2-inch suction opening at the bottom and an attached strainer.

This eductor is used to pump out areas with small volumes of water. With a 100-psi, 125-gpm water supply, the eductor will pick up 100 gpm, for a net discharge of 225 gpm. It can be activated by water from the firemain, submersible pump or P-100 pump. If more than two 1 1/2-inch by 50-foot hoses are used on the actuation line, the eductor will be ineffective due to friction loss.

The eductor is shown with the nylon handling line. This line is used when lowering or lifting the eductor during dewatering operations. A 2 1/2-inch cap with a handle aids in carrying the eductor and protecting the male hose threads. The eductor is 26 5/8 inches long and weighs 20 pounds. It is contained in the dewatering equipment kit.

Note: The lighter and more efficient Derbyshire aluminum 1 1/2-inch eductor (NSN 9C 4320-01-110-0299) is being phased in to replace the heavier, less efficient bronze eductors.

"It's all about being able to go home in the morning..."

Mike Schlags, Fire Captain
Santa Barbara County Fire Department

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This might be a valuable tool for my F.D. We currently use low level strainers for drafting. We've never had to draft from a swimming pool, but it would be nice to have that option if needed. You never know. Thanks for the info, Mike!

For incidents in our rural non-hydranted areas, we use Tender (sorry, Ben) shuttles and porta-tanks. We've got 3 areas with bodies of water where we've installed dry hydrants in order to easily draft water from them.
Cool idea. I couldn't get a clear picture of which hose went where, but I assume the 2 1/2 is the discharge from the siphon back to the truck.

As far as efficiency goes, what are the numbers in terms of gallons coming back to the truck vs. being discharged by the truck? Yo have to have water in order to make water with siphon gadgets.

Nice tool for the tanker to have.
By the way guys -

Web Chief (behind the scenes) has a new feature added to FFN that will deduct 100 points from your point totals, for each time you use the word "tender" when you really mean TANKER.
Here in East Hawaii, much of our community is off of community water. With 160-200" of rain a year, we use catchment for most of our water. We currently have a floating pump for catchment tanks, but it is large and won't fit on our engine, but this might be a real alternative.

Where could I find this piece of brass??
Oh, the humorous possibilities for that sentence!!!!!
now thats funny!!! Mike, I will wait for you to review what I sent you before comment.
What happened to the good old "Let the boat burn to the water line, then it will sink" strategy?
Or, why not just use the "Fill it up with enough water and it will capsize - that'll extinguish the fire" as occurred with the Normandie fire?

Those aren't very effective, they're horrible for the environment, and they're Oh So Fun!
Tanker, Tanker, Tanker, Tanker, Tanker. Those may be FFN point-neutral, but they're how it is, folks!
I have placed the stats into the body of the discussion for your review and comment.

Thanks Joe for your reply!
Check the DRMO (Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office) they're all over the country. I'm not sure if there is one at Pearl Harbor, but there is usually one located at or near large "concentration areas". In other words, find a large Navy base and you may find one there. And the best part is you can get it at no cost to your department if it has been made available to agencies outside the DoD. Basically the way it works is, a ship gets new equipment, the gear is sent to DRMO if it is still usable. It is first made available to other military units at no cast. Then if it sits there long enough, it is then made available to Federal agencies (Federal FD, BATF, DoJ, etc). If it's STILL there, then it's made available to outside agencies (your FD, non-profits, Boy Scouts, etc).

But wait, there's more...

After that period, it is made available to Foreign Military. And lastly, public auction. Whew...I think that's it...I may have the order slightly off, but you get the idea.

I bet you guys can find one or two of these lying around in a DRMO near you!
And you also might take a look here too...

There is waaaaayyy more than just "s-type" eductors available.

Can anyone use a decent 100' aerial? I've seen them at DRMO before! When I was stationed in San Diego around '96 there was a 1990 (pierce I think) rear mount 100' aerial. And it was available for outside agencies.
Yeah...but they tend to piss off the politicians....

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