Does anyone besides me wish they would re-make the old TV series Emergency! as a modern TV show?

Don't get me wrong, I love Rescue Me, and liked Thrid Watch, but I can't watch them with my kids. I think if Emergency was remade with today's firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics are the basis, a more family-friendly yet realistic, action-packed and inspiring show could be produced.

If it was done well, I'm sure every firefighter in the Country would want their family to watch, and inspire the next generation of Firefighters and Medics.

Times change, and what was cutting-edge in the 1970's is kind of Hokie by today's standards. I think there's still enough of us Fans of Roy & Johnnie out there who would like to see it remade with modern cameras, good scripts and realistic firefighting action.

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I just got the 1st season DVD's!!! They rock!!! They should do a re-make that is as close to the real thing as possible. Don't get me wrong, Third Watch and Rescue Me are great, but there are story lines there that have nothing to do with the job, and they tend to dominate the show. By the way, does anyone remember a fire service show in the 80's, possibly had Lorne Greene in it?
Fans here where you can get you fix, it free, and it legal.
to watch online because they plug commericals and block you from download or coping but it has all the old shows.
yes that was the best show on tv. loved it. they would have to make it more modern. but i think that it could be done.
HELL YEAH!!!! That would be AWESOOME!!!!! I watched that show when I was a lil guy & I have Seasons 1,2,3,4 on DVD lmao!!! That was a great show & I feel that there should be a new show called "Emergency: The Heros Of Today" That would be a GREAT show. Thanks for rememberin a AWESOOME show & btw I had a crush on Dixie Mc Call & my sister had a thing for Johnny Cage heheheheh, Stay safe & feel free to add me as a friend, Jimmy Girard
Sorry no...don't miss it a bit.......Shockwave and Discovery have better films and are actual on scene calls...not a dramatic repo.....sorry, but you asked....Stay safe........Paul
id like to see them shows going again
No doubt there are better programs wiht on-scene footage, and I love those. But Emergency!, Third Watch and other programs are for entertainment as well as education (Okay more for entertainment), and give the general public a small insight into what we do.

Emergency! did that best, for its day, and kept the non-fire service/Paramedic story lines to a minimum.

While real-life footage is more exciting for us, as Fire Service professionals, and much more educational, they're not going to win the hearts and minds of the public, and they're not going to make a 5 year-old want to grow up to be a Firefighter or a Paramedic.

That would be awesome that was one of my fav shows when i was younger i used to watch it all the time though i was really young when it was on i still remember it lol. like posted before it would rather neat to see it now remade with all the changes that have occured
Yep, I got it for Valentine's Day!!!!!!!
yea i agree i watch it and i have season 2
There was a remake.
It was called "Third Watch".
It lasted two seasons.
There's always "Rescue Me" if you can get paste Leary's twisted sex fantasies.

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