I'm on 2 depts. One has MSA and the other has SCOTT. I have to say that I back the SCOTT AIR PAK 100%. I love that thing! It just seems like an all around better SCBA then the MSAs. Also, I believe the support from SCOTT is better then MSA. Just wondering what other people prefer.

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I have used them both and I really like the Scott but its a personal preference so if your dept likes MSA than go with it and GOD BLESS YOU. Hughie 57 House
See I have never liked the Drager but I seen it and the representatives talk it up but it seems like few companies use them they are real big in Germany. Hughie 57 House
Try the Scott you may prefer it over the MSA. Hughie 57 House
I agree with you on Scott but in the service you should always keep an open mind because the units keep improving.Hughie 57 House
Hi Kevin, I agree with you the Scott I always preferred over the other ones. Hughie 57 House
Ed its a personal preference so go with the MSA. Hughie 57 House
Hi Chris , Up in my area Survior Air seems like the thing of the past the Scott and MSA seem like the two most popular.Hughie 57 House
I am not saying that Drager is the best out there by any means but to often it seems that we all have blinders on and are affraid of change. The comfort of the new Drager pack vs others is far supierior, creating less fatigue and stress on the wearer. With out investigating other makes and having the mind set that "the pack I have worn for 20 years is the best" without ever wearing any other type lets the great advances in technoligy pass you by. My company has become a very progressive company in the last 5 years or so. It costs money to due so but it is better than being regressive.
I totally agree! My department has MSA and my dad sells SCOTT and hands down SCOTT is better. I had to use our MSAs one day for training and I couldnt quite figure it out but you put me in any SCOTT and im ready to roll in matters of almost seconds. In my whole county only two out of eight departments have MSA...the rest have SCOTT so what does that tell ya!
SCOTT hands down...having taught recruits i can't count how many times i had to wait for the msa guys to fix or do something to their packs while all the scotts guys were ready to go
Drager , Honestly it is the only one I have used at this point
Scott by far. I started out with MSA but we went to Scott shortly after I got on. I have used MSA, Scott, and Cairns. I love the Scotts.

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