I'm on 2 depts. One has MSA and the other has SCOTT. I have to say that I back the SCOTT AIR PAK 100%. I love that thing! It just seems like an all around better SCBA then the MSAs. Also, I believe the support from SCOTT is better then MSA. Just wondering what other people prefer.

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Hey Ryan my dept currently has the surivair scba's andI've sworn by those my whole career, but we are in the process of switching to the new scott's with the integrated pass device, we got two in 3 weeks ago and I used one on a structure last week I totally love those things. So definitely the Scott.
I to love the Scott air pack, their support is awesome and the new quick disconnect is the best, dont get me wrong msa is good to, but I believe Scott has finally passed msa in my book, for the longest time I liked msa over scott but not now:)
We have the Scott Air packs, In Washington Twp Montgomery County Ohio, But I have also used the MSA when in Iowa before too. I do like the Scott though.
I also have used the MSA than transfered into a dept that has always used Scott SCBA and I truly love it .
I myself prefer Scott SCBA I have used it my whole life that and MSA....
I'm in the same situation as you.. One dept MSA, the other Scott. I like some of the functionality of the Scott (lights on back of pack, quick change bottles, and better heads-up display. BUT, I prefer the MSA. Thats what I've used for 10 years, so it may just be a loyality thing.. But I prefer the MSA..
SCOTT all the way, it is way better than the MSA's
My station uses SCOTT as well i love the thing and i know it by heart never really tried the others so i really dont have anything to compare to. Another station right next to ours use innerspero anyone have opinions on that?
I havent used the new scott SCBA. but i have used a new MSA. im kinda 50/50 on this one
MSA. Love MSA...used Scott I just dont like how they feel.
My station just replaced all our Scott's with Drager. Scott is good but it seems that to many of us in the service are not subject to change for what ever reason. All new packs must meet the same standards. It all becomes a personal preference. There are packs out there that are passing the "Big Names" in features and technology. Don't be affraid to go out and try something different because all you ever wore was Scott or MSA. You will be surprised what you find out there.
I couldn't agree with you more all the way around the Scott is a great SCBA unit all the way around. Hughie 57 House

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