I remember reading an article in Firehouse magazine about this a few years ago.

Let's say the unthinkable happens. Who will be the one to clear out your firehouse locker? If it's your spouse or significant other, is there anything in there that you wouldn't want them to see?

My intention here is not to create controversy, but to generate food for thought. Stay safe!

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I hope that my co-worker clear it out b 4 they get 2 it. If not i;m gone anyway.
Yeah, in my firehouse, all the members have lockers. Nothing bad in mine.
well..nothing much to talk about in my locker..they may complain about how someone could have so much flagging(tape) and that's about it..

Though..interestingly, I have thought about my house recently..and what it would be like if suddenly my house caught on fire.. and all of my friends/family came rushing into my house trying to put the fire out .........................Let's just say no more underwear laying beside the clothes hamper and my leaning tower of random "to-be-filed" papers is slowly diminishing!!!
my locker will be cleaned out by my capt. on my shift. no one else will get to see whats inside... it will all be put in a bag and burned lol
i have 2 lockers and nothing objectional in em. oh wait does th girly calander count? lol
We have two in my Dept. One for turn out gear and one personal items. I for one only have photos of my wife and kids and the usual garb to live away from home, like a change of clothes, toiletries etc. I do know for a fact that some guys have told brothers, "If anything ever happens to me CLEAN my locker out" Enough said!!
My old department never had lockers at least for us volunteers. Our gear just hung on a rack so there wasn't and space available for anything else. At my new department, we have wire lockers which allow anybody to see what's inside. I'm sure others have lockers that are more like the ones I had in high school but so far I only have the wire one and it only holds my gear.
Wow, maybe I should start selling lockers on the side...seems like there is a market. lol! I won't tell you that mine is large enough to share. Nothing in mine other than the items needed for a 24 hr shift and the usual family photos, OTC meds, toiletries etc. Everybody stay safe and healthy and clean out your own locker with one hand while holding your retirement gift in the other!!!
All I have is my structure gear, wildland gear, and my extrication suit. Nothing incriminating there.
worst thing i have are maybe some dirty drawers in my laundry basket that's in my personal locker. lol. my gear locker is 100% fire/rescue.
In my locker I have pics of the girlfriend, a change of clothes, deoderant, a pic of the first fire I fought, and a few bucks in case i get hungry so i can buy food haha. NOthing to bad in there
I had the locker before i got my wife. I dont think it has ever been cleaned out. Now that im thinking about it i might want to do that. lol If somthing were to happen we have an agreement here amoung my whole crew. The contents of my locker will be thrown away. Except for family pictures. Some of the stuff in there i just cant take home no matter how long before my wife it was.

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