I remember reading an article in Firehouse magazine about this a few years ago.

Let's say the unthinkable happens. Who will be the one to clear out your firehouse locker? If it's your spouse or significant other, is there anything in there that you wouldn't want them to see?

My intention here is not to create controversy, but to generate food for thought. Stay safe!

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What locker? :o)
We have our own lockers for when we're on duty, but the above discussion could also include gear lockers or wherever personal belongings are kept at the stations.
we just have a hook no locker sorry
It isn't an issue in our firehouse cause we don't have lockers...
I'm a jumper, I don't get locker till I get a bid spot.

I guess you are referring to a guys' wife seeing his girlfriends pictures or donkey porn or something silly like that, right.
Wow! So far I've got nothing but people telling me how they don't have lockers! Maybe soon I can hear from the people who DO have lockers...LOL!
Guess you should start another thread asking, "Do you have a locker at the firehouse?" ;)

So in two parts; yes I have one.
Nothing objectionable in mine.
Thank you. Now we're cookin'!
i have a cubby hole and all i got is an extra change of close, extra helmet, some shoe polish (and maybe a ps2 controller for those long boring nights), thats about it. no contraband here.
Brian, in my fire department we also dont have lockers, but where I work EMS we do, and all I've got is a change of duty gear and my daily things if I need to take a shower or spend the night, so Brian do you have something to hide in your locker, you asked the question...............LOL:)
No, I'm clean...honest!
Funny thing. When I first read the headline of your post, I thought it said: "Who's Your Firehouse Looker?" I did a double-take and reread it, and had a laugh at myself.

It occurs to me that I have an awful lot of automotive cleaning supplies in a bucket under my gear, and not much else... no light, hand tools other than what's in my bunker pockets... Does this mean my priorities are out of whack? lol...

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