We all know about religious diversity and inclusion/exclusion.
I remember two years ago, a lady was walking by a fire station, looked into the windows and saw Christmas decorations. She complained. The fire department was ordered to take the decorations down. Mind you; they weren't told to keep their curtains drawn, they were told to REMOVE the decorations, including the tree. I have also read that Santa is not allowed to visit some fire stations in certain parts of the U.S. and of course, Nativity scenes in front of fire stations have been ordered removed in some cases.
What do your department's do for a Christmas observance? Do you have "Santa" visit the station? Christmas party for the kids? Does Santa ride the fire truck?
Or, has the Grinch stolen your Christmas?

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You just described the spirit of Christmas and why the kids look up to their firefighters.
Hats off to you.
Allow me to expand on Tony's comment. This country was first settled by individuals who were fleeing religious persecution. Think about that for a moment. They wanted to have the freedom to practice their religion,with all of its symbolism, however they so chose. They endured a horrendous voyage in cramped quarters, sickness, starvation and death because they believed so strongly in their rights.

And now a pile of idiots in D.C. have determined that not only should everyone in this country be allowed to have an opinon, they'll vote it into law, regardless of how inane or asinine.
Who gave them the right to take Christ out of Christmas? It's enough to make me want to build my own ship and sail off to uncharted waters.
Mary Ellen
We decorate every year have two tree's up and put lights around the garage doors, we have a day with santa and give out treat bags to the kids. we parade santa around the town and any extra bags we take to hospitals for the kids. But is it me or is any one else getting tired of one person being able to ruin holidays for the majority of us. Like the guy trying to get "In God We Trust" and " Under God" taken off the currency and pledge to the flag.

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